Wednesday, September 1, 2010

City Council members propose $25 fee for garage sales in Dallas

Insanity has run amuck in US politics.  When cities think that they can and should balance their debt by taxing garage sales, but will not cut funding for frivolous spending, where can we go mentally?  The shortage of will power to renegotiate public employee contracts, halt projects that are not deemed absolutely necessary to the publics safety, privatize as much of the public sector that is not covered in city, county, state and federal charters & constitutions, lower taxes to keep the dollar in the private sector longer, lower payroll deductions to raise ‘permanently’ the working stiffs take home pay…well it’s just astounding.  America, get off your couch and vote this year.  Call the candidates and ask them what they plan to do to balance their budget at home.  Then ask them how they plan to balance the public budget.  If their only answer is more taxes and fees, move on to their opponent and ask the same question.  If no one on your ballot can answer that question with a modicum of intelligence…please consider running for office yourself.  This country is starving for people with common sense, faith and a deep understanding of why the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, State Constitutions, City and County Charters are to be restored to their original strength.  To protect ‘We the People’ from the government, so that we may self govern for life, liberty and the pursuit of property (happiness).

Yours In Truth  ;-)  Shelly

City Council members propose $25 fee for garage sales in Dallas

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Steve Thompson/Reporter

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Two Dallas City Council members have proposed charging a $25 fee next year to anyone who wants to have a garage sale in city limits.

City managers have floated the idea of charging $5, as a way to help balance next year's tough budget.

Read the full article if you can take it.

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