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Ever wonder where the mantra "Hope & Change" derived from?  Well, when the pre-primary candidates were in full swing, I did some research on Bill Ayers, which led me to Bernadine Dohrn, which led me to these '2' YouTube videos. Both videos stem from November of 2007 at the MSU, revival of the "Students for a Democrat Society" (SDS).  The mission of SDS is 'the destruction of capitalism'.
The first video is a short clip from 2007 which absolutely confirms that both Dohrn and Ayers are still actively working for the destruction of the Capitalist system within the United States and the 2nd video shows where the mantra "Hope & Change" was born.
What I emphatically want to know is this; "Why in the H-E-double hockey sticks is Bill Ayers allowed within a million miles of public school text book selection and publication?"  With his devotion to the destruction of the United States as the Founding Fathers set-up, he is not qualified to be entrusted with the minds of our youths in a public school setting.  Let him spread his communist/socialist/progressive propaganda in a private school setting, where the parents are aware of the teaching bents of this man and his wife.  They don't call them young skulls of mush for naught.  There is nothing more dangerous than to turn over our trust to public educators without fully vetting the school administrators, the teachers and the materials they use.  To teach the children of tomorrow that their Country is evil, through the first 13 years of their lives through constant subliminal ques, does more harm than any protest, newscast or media blitz could ever dream.
To sum this up, the progressive movement learned that the 'real' power lies in the education of our youth; just be patient because a good soup cooks slowly.
Yours In Truth  ;-)  Shelly

Just for kicks, I thought you might like to read and learn about one of the major foundations that promote and keep in business organizations like Futurewise and Sustainable Connections.  The Bullitt Foundation is a major foundation which gives out grants to promote entities as I mention here.  Am I saying that they are evil?  No.  I am saying that this powerful foundation should be open to public scutiny and comment.   Please read, absorb and learn how they use our tax dollars to promote their agenda.
Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly



Seattle, WA
Originally endowed with an extravagant abundance of natural biological capital, Cascadia is at an inflection point in its history. Following more than a century of intensive exploitation of its natural resources, Cascadia is now turning green. It is restoring its abused landscapes, and it is on the cusp of becoming a global model for a new approach to human ecology.
Cascadia already has a reputation for environmentally enlightened leadership. Through its innovations in science, technology, commerce, and culture, the region exerts a disproportionate national, and even global, impact relative to its size and population. Its political leaders tend to be unusually knowledgeable about, and committed to, environmental values.



HarrietBullittWeb3.jpgHarriet Bullitt is a multi-talented entrepreneur and long-time supporter of the arts and environmental conservation in the Pacific Northwest. She and her sister assumed leadership of KING Broadcasting Company, founded by their pioneering mother, Dorothy, from the mid-1940’s until sale of the company in 1989. Harriet founded Pacific Northwest Magazine (now Seattle Magazine) and Pacific Search Press. She is the developer, owner and CEO of Leavenworth’s Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat, which opened in 1995. Reprising her interest in broadcasting, in 1999 Harriet founded KOHO FM radio in Leavenworth, purchased the Lake Chelan station, KOZI, and created the Icicle Broadcasting Company. She founded the Icicle Fund, a charitable foundation supporting the arts and environmental protection in the upper Wenatchee Valley. Harriet has served on many boards, including the Seattle Pacific Science Center, The Nature Conservancy, Reed College, Icicle Creek Music Center, Icicle Creek Watershed Council, and National Audubon. Harriet is Vice-Chair of the Bullitt Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Read and research about all of the Bullitt Foundation Trustees by following this link.
A well written article about the disappointment of the 'Progressive Party's', "Hope and Change" for the United States of America.  It is my hope, that we change back everything that has been enacted by the Congress, the Senate and the Administration over the past 19 months.  The back room deals, czars, executive orders and massive infringement upon our Constitutional rights has been overwhelming everyone, including the politicians.  It is my mission to put out the fire of Progressivism with 'real' Free Market Capitalism, to bring economic health back to a nation starving for that. Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly

 Liberals analyze their Obama 'despair'

Barack Obama is pictured. | AP Photo
Many liberals are disappointed with President Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on his campaign promises. AP

For many liberals, this is the summer of their discontent.
Already disappointed with President Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on campaign promises, they now contemplate a slowing economic recovery and a good chance of Republican gains in November — two developments that could make enacting Obama’s agenda even more difficult.
Two recent essays framed the debate raging within the progressive community over why the promise of Obama’s candidacy has not lived up to their expectations — and how liberals should proceed in what they fear will be difficult months ahead.
In a 17,000-plus-word piece published in The Nation on Thursday, journalist Eric Alterman calls the Obama presidency “a big disappointment” for progressives and blames a broken system in Washington that he says allows the minority party to rule with impunity — and special interests and big money to dictate legislative policy.
“Face it,” he concludes, “the system is rigged, and it’s rigged against us.” His essay is subtitled: “Why a progressive presidency is impossible for now.”
But writing in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, editor Michael Tomasky counsels patience, arguing that American history has shown that change always takes time and continued effort against entrenched conservative opposition.
“The changes we want to see won’t happen in 18 months, or in two years, or four, or probably even eight,” he concludes in his article, “Against Despair.”
The essays suggest it is a time of reckoning for a liberal community whose relationship with Obama has had a series of ups and downs since the moment of hope and expectation when he claimed the presidency in Chicago’s Grant Park on Nov. 4, 2008.
“It’s not just really about Obama; it’s about the state of our country. Every day, you have a sense that people are wondering where this country is headed,” says Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation.
The elation of that night in 2008 quickly gave way to the realization that the No. 1 issue, the economy, and the ensuing fight over an $800 billion stimulus bill, would make Obama's agenda different from the one he had described in his campaign.

Read more:

This article may be dated, but it is still true today...when will this Administration, this Congress, this Senate begin to accept the big part they have all played in the state of the United States with regards to jobs, finances, business and private family lives.

Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly 

Green: Obama is a victim of Bush's failed promises

Published: Sunday, February 7, 2010 11:14 AM MST

Barack Obama is setting a record-setting number of records during his first year in office.

Largest budget ever. Largest deficit ever. Largest number of broken promises ever. Most self-serving speeches ever. Largest number of agenda-setting failures ever. Fastest dive in popularity ever.

Wow. Talk about change.

Just one year ago, fresh from his inauguration celebrations, President Obama was flying high. After one of the nation’s most inspiring political campaigns, the election of America’s first black president had captured the hopes and dreams of millions. To his devout followers, it was inconceivable that a year later his administration would be gripped in self-imposed crisis.

Of course, they don’t see it as self imposed. It’s all George Bush’s fault.

George Bush, who doesn’t have a vote in Congress and who no longer occupies the White House, is to blame for it all.

He broke Obama’s promise to put all bills on the White House web site for five days before signing them.

He broke Obama’s promise to have the congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN.

He broke Obama’s promise to end earmarks.

He broke Obama’s promise to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent.

He broke Obama’s promise to close the detention center at Guantanamo in the first year.

He broke Obama’s promise to make peace with direct, no pre-condition talks with America’s most hate-filled enemies during his first year in office, ushering in a new era of global cooperation.

He broke Obama’s promise to end the hiring of former lobbyists into high White House jobs.

He broke Obama’s promise to end no-compete contracts with the government.

He broke Obama’s promise to disclose the names of all attendees at closed White House meetings.

He broke Obama’s promise for a new era of bipartisan cooperation in all matters.

He broke Obama’s promise to have chosen a home church to attend Sunday services with his family by Easter of last year.

Yes, it’s all George Bush’s fault. President Obama is nothing more than a puppet in the never-ending, failed Bush administration.

If only George Bush wasn’t still in charge, all of President Obama’s problems would be solved. His promises would have been kept, the economy would be back on track, Iran would have stopped its work on developing a nuclear bomb and would be negotiating a peace treaty with Israel, North Korea would have ended its tyrannical regime, and integrity would have been restored to the federal government.

Oh, and did I mention what it would be like if the Democrats, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, didn’t have the heavy yoke of George Bush around their necks. There would be no earmarks, no closed-door drafting of bills, no increase in deficit spending, no special-interest influence (unions), no vote buying (Nebraska, Louisiana).

 If only George Bush wasn’t still in charge, we’d have real change by now.

All the broken promises, all the failed legislation and delay (health care reform, immigration reform) is not President Obama’s fault or the fault of the Democrat-controlled Congress. It’s all George Bush’s fault.

Take for example the decision of Eric Holder, the president’s attorney general, to hold terrorists’ trials in New York City. Or his decision to try the Christmas Day underpants bomber as a civilian.

Two disastrous decisions.

Certainly those were bad judgments based on poor advice from George Bush.

Need more proof?

You might recall that when Scott Brown won last month’s election to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, capturing “the Ted Kennedy seat,” President Obama said that Brown’s victory was the result of the same voter anger that propelled Obama into office in 2008. People were still angry about George Bush and the policies of the past 10 years, and they wanted change.

Yes, according to the president, the voter rebellion in Massachusetts last month was George Bush’s fault.

Therefore, in retaliation, they elected a Republican to the Ted Kennedy seat, ending a half-century of domination by Democrats.

It is all George Bush’s fault.

Will the failed administration of George Bush ever end, and the time for hope and change ever arrive?

Will President Obama ever accept responsibility for something — anything?

Chuck Green, veteran Colorado journalist and former editor-in-chief of The Denver Post, syndicates a statewide column and is at

Obama Buddy Bashes Business With the Best of Them
By Bob Ellis on May 6th, 2010 Joel Rogers
Have you ever heard of Joel Rogers? Odds are you haven’t…and I’m sure President Barack Obama would just as soon you knew as little about him as possible.

Rogers is an ally and associate of Obama’s. Rogers helped found the New Party, a Marxist coalition working to elect Leftists of all stripes and flavors, including Democrats.
Back when Obama was launching his political career with the help of Marxist domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama sought the endorsement of the New Party and even became a member.
In the video below, you’ll hear Joel Rogers speaking at Columbia University. He tells us how American capitalism is “monstrous” and is indifferent to all that is good and human, how (in his mind) government sets us free while business forces us to do their complete bidding,
This guy engages in some serious historical revision, but it is illustrative of what Leftists in America–including Obama–really think.

A Preview of things happening around the United States. Explain to me why E-Verify is so frightening to anyone working here legally? Is there a problem you can identify after watching this video? I see many problems; a disregard for the laws of the USA, a distorted view of what Country they are working in and how they are given rights far beyond any other Country in the World. Fixing the system requires the implementation of E-Verify to slow the flood of illegal immigrants, allow more employment and business opportunities for legal residents, and lastly fix the process of legalization in a Constitutional manner. Yours in Truth ;-) Shelly

The Story of Stuff Project:
Annie Leonard is the star promoter of "The Story of Stuff Project".  Shown here in an interview with Stephen Colbert and below this clip are links to the projects videos.  These videos are being shown in our schools and I wanted to provide them here for your personal viewing to decide for yourself the good and the propaganda of the project.  There is a lot of room for improvement in the amount of waste that is produced in the name of safety and security of product distribution (I despise over packaging) but I understand the need for some of it.  To paint producers as demons through waste is to miss a big part of the picture.  Most of the waste created was done to protect the consumers and the companies from lawsuits, with the convenience and safety of plastic, over glass and paper.  Do you remember when we were told that these commodities were causing the devastation of land and forests?  Now these materials are the desired mode of packaging.  Just wait a couple of decades and we'll be back to the latter as bad and plastics as the preferred method.  Enough said...I have provided these videos for you to make your own opinions and ask you to research the history of how we got here.  If we pay attention to history, we just might stop repeating the same mistakes.  I believe that's what the Tea Parties are trying to say when they hold tightly to the Constitution as a compass to prevent the United States from repeating the mistakes of past societies.  Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly

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Annie Leonard
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Whatcom County 'Green Lights', green projects:
The need for major business friendly revisioning in the Bellingham Planning Department has long been needed.  The intentional purpose of giving 'Green' projects the fast track oozes of social engineering and allowing the government to pick lifes winners and losers.  This is indicative of what the Founding Fathers warned against in all of their writings.  If this type of regulation is allowed to continue, how loudly will Progressives cry when this same type of business practice is used against there private endeavors?  Just asking...what do you think?  Yours in Truth ;-) Shelly

Ten in '10'; Faster Permitting for Green Projects in Whatcom County, Washington

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