Monday, July 30, 2012

“”; An amazing tool to research and find how the Political Left is interconnected and funded

Straight from David Horowitz.  For those of you who do not already know David Horowitz, he is a former activist for the left.  David was raised by communist parents, and had his own awakening when the US left the Vietnam War.  Once the US military was gone and no longer a threat, the people left behind were slaughtered by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.  The activist, leadership of the left, showed no compassion or anger at a “communist” regime’s massacre of it’s own people.  So had he been fighting for a lie?

Yes, Mr. Horowitz, now understood the empty, inhumane and ruthless nature of the movement he had helped.  Since that time he has worked tirelessly to expose the Progressive’s and with this website, he helps you to see the connections, too.  The website is: “” 

Mr. Horowitz also works under the organization, which helps to keep us connected with others who strive to “drain the swamp,” as Nancy Pelosi so adoringly coined.

Use it.  Enjoy it.  Share it.  We the People must expose how they’ve been working in harmony to rustle, wrangle and corral us towards the cliff.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

San Bernardino, CA continues to be victimized by A21

Had to share the latest from Rosa Koire’s blog.  San Bernardino, CA. used to the bread basket of the U.S. and lost invaluable farm land for the sake of a “smelt” that is not native to the area.  This should make everyone stop and pause a minute.  How nuts are we to stand for this totalitarian behavior?  The ability to adequately cope with societies needs to feed, shelter and cloth itself is primary to humanity.  When a “community” or a “communitarian ideal” looses their value of individual’s rights of liberty to be responsible for themselves, it is time for people to wake-up.  Wake-up your friends and neighbors.  Wake-up your elected representatives (who are “all” fully aware of A21).  Shut down this move to kill the American Dream in favor of sharing the American wealth, with the tyrants of the world, for the benefit of the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century.

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The City of San Bernardino, CA has just declared bankruptcy. This is a page from their miserable confession. Look at the chart. It shows that they lied about the amount of money they actually had. The July 1st balance is the true balance and the Staff Reported Fund Balance is the lie. In 2011-12 the city was lying and saying it had $2 million when it was really over a million in the hole. What are the consequences for the liars? Well?

The newspapers are full of UN Agenda 21.  Just look at the front page on any day. 
Now, today, there are two related stories in the news.  One is that the city of San Bernardino, California is bankrupt. 

What they don't tell you is that this decidedly downscale town is ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT FOR REDEVELOPMENT BONDS.  You can probably buy the whole town for less than that.  So they were destroyed by the greed, manipulation, and conniving of the Redevelopment Agency.   We must remind you that Redevelopment is a funding and implementation arm for UN Agenda 21.  Government subsidies for smart growth--the preferred development style of UN A21. Click on the red and read the propaganda project summary that got San Bernardino into their death gasp--and then compare it to what your town is doing.  'Compass Blueprint' 'Sustainable Community Strategies'  or hardscape for your financial collapse and future poverty?

Click here to read the full story.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Overstreet and Shea endorse “Shahram Hadian” for Washington States next Governor in 2012

Last Saturday, at the Whatcom Freedom Rally, in front of a crowd of approximately 200 people, a number of Washington State’s most conservative, most courageous political representatives endorsed Shahram Hadian  as their "courageous leadership” campaign kick-off.  Please take a moment to watch the video of their endorsement and take a moment out of your day to learn more about this candidate, “Shahram Hadian” for Governor of Washington State in 2012.
There are many links to video of Hadian at numerous other political rallies.  Only with principled leadership, that is dedicated to protect, defend and grow individual liberty, will we insure the life our forefathers died for and our children will pine for if lost to them.
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Does COB Councilman Lilliquist (and others) serve two governments against our individual, Constitutional protections?

Last week, the Bellingham Herald published the full letter of Michael Lilliquist’s response to an un-named supporter/promoter of “Coal Free Bellingham” and the “Bellingham Community Bill of Rights.”

Mr. Lilliquists letter is long and twisted with regret that he (and other Council Members) had to reject the “Bellingham Community Bill of Rights”l for the November 2012 ballot.  If you stuck it out to and read to the bitter end of Lilliquist’s letter, you find that he vows to actively work to find some form of the “Coal Free” initiative “and” the “Community Bill of Rights”, are brought to a vote in Bellingham (and next Whatcom County). 

This is the slow drip of progressive, communitarianism, also known as communism.  This type of initiative promotes a “new” form of government and promotes sedition.

Is it legal for Councilman Lilliquist (and any elected official) to do?  Is it moral of him to do this?  I am asking…is this legal and/or moral…to have our elected representatives actively work to destroy our representative form of government?

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This is a pasting of the “last” two paragraphs from Councilman Lilliquist’s letter to an un-revealed recipient/supporter of the “Bellingham Community Bill of Rights”:

On Monday, I formally notified the other members of the City Council that I wanted to work on developing alternative ballot proposals to be put before the people, to address the coal train issues and the Community Bill of Rights in a way that would not be legally challengeable. Several council members quickly said that they would help me to develop those ideas. If the court decides that Prop 2 is invalid, the Council may be able to place alternatives on the ballot if we act quickly. Nothing has been decided or proposed yet, but the Council could choose to place two advisory votes on the ballot, one issue dealing with the coal train issue and the other dealing with a Community Bill of rights. As advisory votes rather than laws, these cannot be challenged or overturned. On the down side, of course, because they are not laws, they do not actually change the system or enact new legal tools.

At the same time, I will continue to work with the city administration to participate in a robust environmental review by the county, to identify all impacts and to hold the GPT applicants accountable. The permit review process will take months if not years. Please be assured that I will give the matter the attention and time that it deserves.”

(Link to pdf version of Lilliquist’s full statement)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are “We” better stewards of Animals than to Ourselves???

WeThePeople (2)Found this post on the local “Whatcom Tea Party” Facebook site and just had to share it with you.  Common sense is a rare commodity.  If we had more of it we’d probably be closer to that Utopian vision that the collectivists passion for.

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  • The US Senate has proudly announced renewal/passage of the "Farm Bill". For those are not already aware of this, the Farm Bill in its present form, has 80% of its funding dedicated to "food stamps." You know, those cards that keep getting used at casino's and fast food restaurants!

  • Couple of interesting quotes to think about:
    The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)/Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.

  • Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed The Animals." They say that this is because the animals grow dependent on the handouts and become dependent on handouts rather than forage for themselves.

  • So, as Benjamin Franklin so wisely said it; "I am for doing good for the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it."

  • So how crazy are we to teach generations of people that they don't have to work to feed themselves or provide shelter for themselves? The government (that's you and me) have not only created the program, we have made dependency a way of life.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obamacare–Inventories and Controls Your Life

Rosa Koire of “Democrats Against Agenda 21” has written a short and concise opinion on the reality of what Obamatax (PPACA aka Obamacare) will be once fully implemented.

So why didn’t Romney and McKenna verbally communicate to the electorate with this type of clarity?  I’m just asking?  Why?

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Now that the IRS will be the watchdog collecting the tax/penalty, those Americans who either don't go to traditional medicine doctors, or pay as they go, will be paying for something that they don't use , don't need, and don't want. 
Everyone will be in the system.  Inventory and control.  You will be forced into a healthcare system that you may not wish to be a part of, or will pay a 'tax.'  No one knew this would be a tax but now, in the old switcheroo, we have a penalty morphing into a tax. 
Your income level will be examined.  Your finances will be examined.  Your life will be open to bureaucratic review.  This so-called tax will not be appealable.  This punishment, this penalty, will not be open to challenge.  People who didn't make enough money to file income tax, who were flying under the radar, now will have to file simply to avoid the tax.  See?  Data collection.  No one slips under the line.  Inventory.  And.  Control.
The Internal Revenue Service, the most feared and hated of all federal agencies, with the power to jail us and confiscate our assets will be in control.   Of your healthcare decisions.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Healthcare is a commodity. But is it a right?

Bill Whittle is such a treasure.  Thanks go out to “Rage Against the Kakistocracy” for finding this gem.

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Illegal Aliens await Supreme Court decision to practice law in U.S.

So, as the Department of Justice announces that they will no longer pursue or deport illegal immigrants until they have committed a crime, we also have to learn of this offense.  Excuse me, but an “illegal” alien has already committed a crime and if the judicial system then allows an illegal alien to “legally” practice law in the United States, how’s that going to work out for law abiding citizens?

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Judges in several states are preparing to answer the latest question in the complex world of immigration: Can an illegal immigrant legally practice law in the USA?

By Renee C. Byer, for USA TODAY

Law school graduate Sergio Garcia has passed the California state bar exam but has been prevented from practicing law because his family entered the country illegally.

Law school graduate Sergio Garcia has passed the California state bar exam but has been prevented from practicing law because his family entered the country illegally.

Illegal immigrants brought to the USA as children, and who later graduated law schools in California, Florida and New York, are trying to gain entry to their state bars so they can work as attorneys.

Sergio Garcia's family illegally crossed into the USA from Mexico when he was 17 months old, and he went on to graduate from Chico State University and Cal Northern School of Law. He took the state bar exam in July 2009 and passed it but was told he could not join the state bar — a standard requirement for all practicing attorneys — because he had checked a box on his application that said he was in the country illegally.

The California Supreme Court asked for opinions on the question and could hold oral arguments in Garcia's case before making a decision. The California State Bar told the court this month that Garcia and others like him should be allowed to be licensed, but it is awaiting guidance from the Supreme Court.

Though the ruling could apply only to Garcia, the 35-year-old said the court's opinion could go a long way in determining the fate of others like him.

"This case stopped being about me a long time ago," said Garcia, who is working alongside his father as a beekeeper until the case is resolved. "The outcome is going to have a major impact on future generations of attorneys and people in my situation. At least they will have good guidance."

Click here to read the full story.

We have clear choices for Washington State Governor

The Governor’s race in Washington State appears (to the uninformed) to be a two man race.  Well there are three people running for the Governor’s office in the State of Washington.  One of the three is a clear contrast from the other two, so if you believe as I do, that We the People need to elect principled leaders who understand, support and will defend our individual liberty (that’s ‘your” contractual guarantee to retain “your” civil liberties), then please consider spreading the word that there is a third candidate and his name is “Shahram Hadian”.

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Go to “Hadian for Governor” and check his credentials for yourself.