Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obamacare–Inventories and Controls Your Life

Rosa Koire of “Democrats Against Agenda 21” has written a short and concise opinion on the reality of what Obamatax (PPACA aka Obamacare) will be once fully implemented.

So why didn’t Romney and McKenna verbally communicate to the electorate with this type of clarity?  I’m just asking?  Why?

YiT ~  Shelly



Now that the IRS will be the watchdog collecting the tax/penalty, those Americans who either don't go to traditional medicine doctors, or pay as they go, will be paying for something that they don't use , don't need, and don't want. 
Everyone will be in the system.  Inventory and control.  You will be forced into a healthcare system that you may not wish to be a part of, or will pay a 'tax.'  No one knew this would be a tax but now, in the old switcheroo, we have a penalty morphing into a tax. 
Your income level will be examined.  Your finances will be examined.  Your life will be open to bureaucratic review.  This so-called tax will not be appealable.  This punishment, this penalty, will not be open to challenge.  People who didn't make enough money to file income tax, who were flying under the radar, now will have to file simply to avoid the tax.  See?  Data collection.  No one slips under the line.  Inventory.  And.  Control.
The Internal Revenue Service, the most feared and hated of all federal agencies, with the power to jail us and confiscate our assets will be in control.   Of your healthcare decisions.


  1. So now the tyranny begins in earnest. The Tax man commeth. Ask not on whom the tax falls. It falls on thee. The long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce us under absolute despotism. Patriots arise now, register and vote, while you still have a chance to rescue your country before it slides over the cliff into the bottomless pit that is socialism. Where you will keep company with Greece.

  2. A well worn but concise quote: "We shall get the government we vote for." For the many who have chosen to not vote because they don't think that their vote counts, so what does it matter? To those who think that all politicians get into office and then do not defend the individual liberty that they have sworn to uphold and defend, I say, "Liberty is worth the effort." When the People speak with one voice to those in a position of power, we will be heard and the load will be a lot lighter on us all.

  3. What a pack of lies have been foisted upon us. Medical care is renamed health care, to make us believe it is vital to our health. Prepaid medical care is called insurance when it is no such thing. Then the bogus "insurance" is made employer-dependent so that we will think that without a job we can have no "health care" and thus no "health." It is as if we were a nation of sick people desperate for a scarce "health" resource, which is in fact being made more scarce by the day through government taxes and regulation. We must repair the nomenclature as well as the laws.

    1. The lies are a perfect example of Newspeak as described in George Orwell's 1984. That book is a frighteningly realistic image of the United States in the 21st Century. If you have not read 1984 recently, I highly recommend it.

  4. Wouldn't it be great if Politicians began to hold themselves to a higher standard than the traveling salesman when out politicking for votes. A lie is a lie, no matter what color of lipstick they are wearing.

    Government command and control got us into the mess we are in. We the People will get us out.


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