Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Agenda 21 = Global Control of Private Lives

With the advent of the Bilderberger conference set to begin this week, Agenda 21 is sure to be a hot topic for the globalist powerbrokers.

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Agenda 21 To Be Discussed at Bilderberg Confab

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The attendance of Alberta Premier and global warming alarmist Alison Redford at this year’s Bilderberg conference, during which she will discuss “ecological challenges,” confirms that Agenda 21 and the bid to re-brand the stuttering climate change power grab will be core issues at the elitist confab set to take place tomorrow.

“According to a government news release, Redford will meet with a number of individuals to discuss topics like monetary policy, ecological challenges and responsible development of natural resources,” reports CBC News.

Redford’s attendance at the clandestine meeting of global power brokers is costing Canadian taxpayers $19,000 dollars.

Her appearance represents yet another example of how Bilderberg is not merely a talking shop but an active consensus-making forum for people in positions of power. Redford will be scheming with power brokers from foreign countries in complete secrecy and with total disregard for her democratic obligations to the Canadian people.

Will the Senate sacrifice us to “L.O.S.T.”?



  • LOST creates the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a new, UN-style organization based in Kingston, Jamaica that would be dominated by anti-US interests;
  • Article 82 of the treaty requires the US to transfer significant offshore energy royalties to the ISA, which is then empowered to redistribute those funds to developing countries, even if they are undemocratic or state sponsors of terrorism;
  • Part XV of the treaty requires the US to engage in mandatory dispute resolution, paving the way for reckless and politically motivated allegations from hostile interests;
  • Contrary to popular belief, the treaty was not fixed in 1994; and,
  • For more than 200 years, America has successfully preserved and protected its navigational rights and freedoms by relying on naval operations, diplomatic protests, and customary international law.

Take some time to educate yourself and weigh-in on this topic with your State and Federal Representatives.  Click here to get a full analysis on “Laws of the Sea Treaty” from a trusted source, and learn what it will do to U.S. sovereignty and wealth redistribution on a “global” scale.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transition Whatcom and their connection to GAIA Worship

Ever wonder why today’s environmentalism resembles religion more than science?  Welcome to the “Transition” movement and see how the goals of the transition movement (like the “Bellingham Community Bill of Rights”) are tied into GAIA worship.  The Transition Whatcom site has many links to keep you busy for at least a day and it is representative of all the other transition websites you’ll find worldwide on the net.

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Vision & Mission

Transition Whatcom's VISION is resilient and more self-reliant communities throughout Whatcom County with a local food supply, sustainable energy sources, a healthy local economy, and a growing sense of vitality and community well-being.

The MISSION of Transition Whatcom is:
1) To explore and then follow pathways of practical actions that will reduce our carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.
2) To rebuild our community's resilience, that is, its ability to withstand shocks from the outside, through being more self-reliant in areas such as food, energy, health care, jobs and economics.
3) To inspire and support the communities and neighborhoods of Whatcom County as they establish Transition Initiatives at these local levels; and
4) To coordinate a county-wide, citizen led Energy Descent Action Pathway by creating a collective 20 year vision of Whatcom County. From there we will devise the paths on which we may achieve our objectives.

Transition Whatcom Structure
On June 30, 2010, Transition Whatcom adopted a new structure.  Documents related to the structure can be found at the link above.

“Be sure to use this link and read the word document TWIG to TWOG”

Give Youth A Hug ~ Share Scientific Truth Not Scientific Fear

The brain washing that has, is and continues to happen to today’s youth is infuriating.  When unproven propaganda is put out as truth and facts of science, it has a devastating effect on our youth.  Science has an obligation to only publish that which is provable through scientific process, not “scientific outcomes of a potential effect”.

WUWT published this piece that stems from a publication put out by the “IEA” on the “potential” for an 11 degrees Fahrenheit increase in earth’s temperature by 2050.  The earth’s overall temperature has increased less than 1 degree Fahrenheit since the turn of the century “and” the oceans have only risen 6 mm (the equivalent of the thickness of ‘6’ fingernails – as stated by Dr. Don Easterbrook, local Emeritus Professor of Geology), plus the provable fact that the global temperature has trended cooler since 1998.  This makes my heart ache for the youth of the world who are being lied to for the goals of UN A21 for Sustainable Development.

Give our Youth a hug.  Share the truth with them.  Show them the science they can trust, not the hope of those who want to control their lives with fear of the future.

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A student in despair over Romm’s 11°F temperature increase article – if this comment was reversed, it would be called a ‘death threat’

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Anthony Watts

English: Fatih Birol, the Chief Economist of t...

This is sad. Joe Romm promotes another overt fabrication, and some poor kid writes in despair, hoping all the “oil/coal people” here die “a horrible death, preferably caused by climate disasters”. If that were sent to somebody at ANU, it would by the Appell/Stokes rule, be declared a “death threat”. Since it’s on Romm’s site, the poster gets sympathy and counseling instead of admonishment. See below.

First, Romm’s reporting of an overt fabrication of 11°F temperature rise by 2050 by Fatih Birol.

Fatih Birol, the Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency, at a conference in Vienna, 22 June 2009. Photo by Mikhail Evstafiev (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The claim of 11°F  comes from this Reuters news article . It cites Fatih Birol, the chief economist of the IEA, who says:

“When I look at this data, the trend is perfectly in line with a temperature increase of 6 degrees Celsius (by 2050), which would have devastating consequences for the planet,” Fatih Birol, IEA’s chief economist told Reuters.

Of course 6°C =11°F, and given the climate sensitivity figures bandied around by the IPCC, there doesn’t seem any way these numbers can pencil out.

Hans von Storch writes on Die Klimazwiebel that this is “pure alarmism”:

A forth interesting issue is that climate science has become irrelevant; it shows up in passing, when “limit devastating climate effects like crop failure and melting glaciers” is mentioned, and the quote “the trend is perfectly in line with a temperature increase of 6 degrees Celsius (by 2050)” is made.This is a pretty bold prediction, given that we have so far less than 1 degree warming since pre-industrial times, so that the warming must be more than 5 degrees/38 years, i.e., about 0.7-0.8 deg/decade. I consider this pure alarmism, which is related to the timing, and a misuse of scientific analysis for creating some unsustainable short term drama for the Bonn-negotiations.

I wonder if this 6-degrees claim is really from IEA, or just an addition by Fatih Birol, because is no not mentioned in the IEA’s announcement.

Even Joshua Halpern, aka “Eli Rabbet”, says in comments the claim by Birol makes no sense:

Not having a BS detector that works on himself, Romm runs with it, embellishing it with this bit of propaganda:

As Birol said of 11°F warming late last year, “Even School Children Know This Will Have Catastrophic Implications for All of Us.” If only school children ran the country.

And following his rant, we get this comment first up from a school age child:

And not one person in the thread following that comment, not Halpern, nor even Romm himself, says anything about the death wish, or even suggests to the poor kid that saying such things are unacceptable. There’s agreement in the silence.

I have to wonder though, if this commenter has ever driven or ridden in a car, or used electricity made from coal. Maybe he/she thinks such things are powered by the grace of the green energy fairy.

If the situation were reversed, Romm, Appell, Halpern, and the whole cast of haters would be all over it as yet another example of how terrible skeptics are.

Their double standard behavior is disturbing. Romm should be ashamed of himself, but he won’t be, because he’s paid a six figure salary to promote this garbage.

When is black, black and white, white? When is religion and politics like oil and water, and when is it like peanut butter and jelly?

Holder to brief black pastors on campaign 2012

byJoel Gehrke Commentary Staff Writer

Attorney General Eric Holder, the IRS, and the liberal lawyers at the ACLU will brief several hundred pastors in the African American community on how to participate in the presidential election -- which the Congressional Black Caucus chair expects will help President Obama's campaign.

"We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we're going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC today.

Click here for the full story.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rosa Koire ~ Huffington Post Interview on A21

Just had to share this video, front and center of my blog.  If you enjoy this video as much as I did, please share it.  The more we expose the fallacy of A21, the more we defend liberty and freedom for ourselves and our future.

Rosa will be speaking at WWU next fall.  Attendance is going to be high and highly recommended!

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Rosa Koire, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, being interviewed by Andrew Reinbach, Huffington Post columnist for an article on opposition to UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. Reinbach baited Rosa, put words into her mouth, asked her if she was 'afraid that she would be tarred with the same brush as the John Birch Society', and tried to suggest that zoning and UN Agenda 21 are the same thing. Rosa resisted his efforts to marginalize her and the fight against this blueprint for world inventory and control.
At the end of the interview Rosa asked Reinbach if he was recording the interview and when he said he was, she told him that she also was recording it. This is probably why he didn't quote her or mention her in his biased article. Here's the link to the May 17, 2012 Huffington Post article:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Local video depicts disturbing relationship between Whatcom County Planning and Development Services & Whatcom County Executive Louws

Some may find this video funny.  Others will find it disturbing.  If the story this animated video tells has even an element of truth to it, then “We the People” have an even bigger problem than we know.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lord Christopher Monckton–Agenda 21 & Environmental Marxism

The awareness of the global plan to impose Marxism on a global scale is growing.  Every day I see more people, bloggers and politicians, who are acknowledging its existence.

This quote comes directly from the United Nation’s online publication of the treaty on, “Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development”:

Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced - a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action to be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.

It is my firm belief that my comments are unnecessary.  You know that that thing you’ve been unable to put into words, with regards to the eroding conditions of the United States and other first world countries, is easily recognizable within the language of UN treaty, “A21 for Sustainable Development.”  This treaty will never be ratified and approved by our elected representatives in Washington DC, our States or even our Local Governments.  But!  As they continually impose the goals of UN/A21 for Sustainable Development through bits and pieces of regulations, this soft law is becoming the law of the land from sea to shining sea.

Push back, America!  Without our rights endowed upon us through our Constitutions and Charters, we will have no future for ourselves and our children.

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Lord Christopher Monckton on Agenda 21

Another piece of knowledge to help you recognize and push back against the UN/A21 for Sustainable Development.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Enjoy this State of Washington Legislative update from  .  If you find Rep. McCune’s bent on how things should be in the State of Washington, please consider contacting him and for sure donate time or money to keep principled representative’s like McCune in office!

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A message from Rep. Jim McCune, May 10, 2012


Dear Friends,

We are finally receiving some nice weather and I’m glad to hear the lawnmowers and trimmers fired up in the neighborhoods. There are many of us still cleaning up from the winter storms. It would be much more convenient if we didn’t have so many restrictions on how we utilize and care for our private property.

My office has received many calls from constituents commenting and lamenting on how boxed-in they feel with the never-ceasing rules and regulations directing their behavior. Authority over the use of our natural resources has been intertwined with many agencies—governmental and non-governmental. It’s rather sad that we must have permission to put overhangs on our shops to keep water off our equipment, or remove a fallen tree that is creating a water hazard, and that we could be fined for cutting down a tree on our own property. The stories are never-ending.

It’s difficult to comprehend how America (and the globe) became so enamored with the term “sustainability,” the rule-making system in place that guides policies. By reviewing the history of the concept and the background of those who funded, wrote and promoted the concept, we can see a pattern that is too obvious to ignore.

There are many pieces to understanding “sustainability.” Start by checking out the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947 in the United Kingdom (UK). It is famous for a number of its provisions. It greatly strengthened the control of local authorities over planning and land use. You can see sample chapters here. Please note the watermark UNESCO-EOLSS. The provisions in this document read like provisions in America. How did they get here?

Tracing “sustainability” is easy. Just go to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Web site. What is difficult is understanding why America is embracing and implementing this foreign agenda, not to mention sifting through the voluminous pages of research and information about it. For a visual explanation, watch this video. Yes, gaining this knowledge will require a good chunk of your time, but without this knowledge, we will continue to give away our individual rights that were given to us through the blood of our ancestors, and destroy the fabric of our liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Washington State Constitution.

In earlier e-mail updates, I cited information about the Earth Charter (look under non-governmental organizations) and how our own Department of Ecology promotes it on their Web site. Here is an easy-to-read article from the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law that explains the Earth Charter. A constitution for the environment has been written. You can read all about it and more here. For a short synopsis, click here.

According to Noah Webster, “sustainable” means: That may be sustained or maintained. The action is not sustainable. What does “sustainability” mean today? It means a new norm for ethical living described by Gro Harlem Brundtland (first Vice-President of the Socialist International and then prime minister of Norway) in her report, Our Common Future. “Sustainability” is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are told that painful choices have to be made. Thus, in the final analysis, sustainable development must rest on political will. Who will define what our “needs” are? We must determine whose code of ethics we shall live by—those of our Founders or a global mix of confusion?


How does education fit in with the “sustainable” agenda?

What is the focus of education today? Factual knowledge? As a reminder, here is the link to a speech by Dr. Shirley McCune (former OSPI employee under Terry Bergeson) discussing the restructuring of schools and telling us that education is no longer about teaching facts. Note, this astounding and applauded speech was back in 1989. An article titled A Changing Vision of Education by Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Linda Lantieri mirrors the vision described by Dr. Shirley McCune in her lecture. Does her philosophy align with your understanding of the purpose of education?

Now we have the federal government promising grant money to states that adopt Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We have Marc Tucker’s American Agenda for Education Reform. Marc Tucker designed the failed WASL. Marc Tucker (pg. 6) is famous for his “Dear Hillary” letter. Here is additional background on Marc Tucker’s influence on our country’s educational system, including RTTT and CCSS. Why is he considered an expert? There is no shortage of information on this subject.

BUDGETS (State and Federal)

As I mentioned in my end-of-session mailer, because of my concerns with the very low reserve it left, I could not support the supplemental budget. I also feel we can do a better job of controlling our spending. The federal government is setting a poor example for states and all entities. It is important you know what the budget breakdown looks like at the federal level. There is a trickledown effect. The state relies on a great amount of money from the federal government. The current debt at the federal level is $13 trillion. You can find a budget breakdown here: Background on Budget and Economy.


My interest in the history of our state’s Growth Management Act (GMA) led me to a very interesting interview with former Rep. Joe King. He said he was stuck in traffic and wanted to do something about unplanned growth. That was 25 years ago. Is the plan (GMA) that was put in place working?

Recently, I watched an eye-opening presentation (starting at 49 min. mark) by Wendell Cox about our region’s transportation and land-use policies. The Seattle Times ran his article titled “Region’s transportation and land-use policies have little effect on traffic congestion.” It’s an excellent read!


I have received a number of calls on House Bill 2326, the woodstove burning bill. I want to clarify that I did not support this measure. The legislation gives the Department of Ecology authority over woodstove use, particularly uncertified woodstoves. Apparently, parts of Pierce County did not meet federal air quality standards about 10 days each year. It amounts to more government intervention in our personal lives.


I want to remind you that because this is an election year, my legislative communications to you are restricted. After May 11, I am no longer allowed to send e-mail updates, such as this one. Hopefully, there is enough information in this e-mail to keep you busy for several months. After June 30, I am unable to initiate communications with constituents by mail or e-mail unless you contact me about an issue or request information. If you contact me, I can respond as a normal course of my work as your legislator. The mailing restrictions will remain in place until Dec. 1, 2012.

I appreciate all your support during my time in the Legislature. Please continue to contact me during the interim if you have any concerns, comments or need assistance with a state issue.



Jim McCune
State Representative
(253) 536-6088

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tax Abuse Alert!

Sharing a troubling fact that “We the People” must take action on. The concerted attack to destroy the social fabric our the United States continues un-abated.  The child tax credit is favored by those who actually have to pay taxes.  Did you know that this tax credit is being used to actually give “illegal aliens” tax refunds for children that not only don’t live with them, they actually live in “Mexico” or some other country of origin?

“ If I wanted America to Fail”, I’d just keep letting things like this happen.  So, please contact your Senators and Congressional representatives now!  This needs to stop now!

YiT ~  Shelly

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