Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A bit of Constitutional education pre-Constitution Day

Government 31 Constitution Video by Blessed_Hope

And if this video isn’t enough for you why not try the Yale Law Library’s; “The American  Constitution – A Documentary Record.”  Here you will find everything leading up to, the creation of and implementation of that marvelous document we know to be the “supreme law of the land,” our United States Constitution.

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Local Blog, “Whatcom Excavator,” exposes blatant lies and collusion between City of Bellingham, Whatcom County Executive, Whatcom County Council, Conservation NW, Board of Natural Resources, Department of Natural Resources and Others

Please, please, please…take the time to read, absorb and share this posting from the Whatcom Excavator.  On Sept. 11th, 2012, the Whatcom County Council may affirm the Reconveyance of 8,800 acres of forested, agricultural land, currently under the control of our elected officials for the benefit of public school construction, low impact recreational activities (including hunting, fishing, off road vehicles and those “nasty” non-sustainable sports), which will forever remove this land as an asset and convert it to a public expense.  The real goal is to hand over this land to the Whatcom Land Trust with a “Conservation Easement.”  Whatcom Land Trust will have all of the control and “We the People,” will have all the costs to pay to maintain thousands of acres.  Better yet, they plan to make an exemption to place “wind turbines” across the ridge line around Lake Whatcom.  Wonder who’s pockets get lined with this chummy deal?

Read the truth for yourself and contact your local Whatcom County Representatives, Whatcom County Executive, BNR and DNR, to share your opinion.

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The Dirty Low Down - Reconveyance Records Unmask Deals and Secrecy


WE just received a disk of public records that’s a scorcher.  Having looked through quite a few of these files (there are hundreds - it's good that this came with a list of “finds”) it looks like the county has done its best to evade the reality that significant collateral damage will befall the local economy if the “Lake Whatcom Reconveyance” moves forward.  What’s worse, the files reveal the Park Department’s constant and direct involvement in politics.  A lot of effort seems to have gone into putting direct pressure on elected officials near and far.  Instead of being objective, government has exhibited nothing but cold disregard for casualties on this steady march toward a predetermined outcome.  The disk is loaded with emails that urge secrecy.  Reading like a pulp fiction novel, tens of emails revealed deal making, back slapping, and substantial hypocrisy about environmental protection.  It seems a few key players have led an orchestrated campaign to drum up public support based on grandiose promises and emotion.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Greg Hunter talks about the economy, the election, the drought and geo-politics

Thought I’d mix it up a bit with some video on current issues that should receive attention this political cycle.  Enjoy the video and check back for more issues, as I scour the web for the factual articles and video that the MSM ignores.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

“The Washington State Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plan," education or indoctrination?

One of the pillars of UNA21SD (United Nations Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development) is to develop life long learners who understand the connection between the environment (Mother Earth) and human activity.  The diagram below shows the comprehensive plan to teach this theory and if you click on the image you will go to the “executive summary” of the plan.  There is a larger document that entails more details on how to achieve this outcome here.

So, if I understand that human activity is directly dependent upon what’s available in my environment, but I disagree with the outcome, do I fail the course?

Education or indoctrination?  You decide.  There is only one outcome in this circle and that is to teach to the Sustainablist’s outcome and get more tax dollars to keep teaching it.

YiT ~ Shelly

WAState EnvirSusLitProj Image

Do Green Jobs hurt the U.S. Economy?

Fox News published her article “I had a Green Job.”  The author, Deborah Sloan, (researcher for the Center for Industrial Progress) wrote this article and within the article I found the video I have posted below.

If we are to solve the economic crisis, the debt crisis and the energy crisis, we will need to get back to the principles of putting our money into reliable products that are capable of delivering the goods “now.”  Research is a very important process to support in our private and public industries or schools.  That said, it is still research and until it has the “provable potential” to provide the stated results to a society the scale of the United States or other 1st world nations, it needs to stay in the field of research.  Do not force “green energy” that does not have the ability to provide energy to the masses.  Subsidies to help private home owners and businesses convert their homes and businesses to solar, wind or biomass energies does not pencil out at this time.  If you have the spare cash to invest in these technologies; “Go for it!”  Government’s principle role for existence are; defense, infrastructure, law enforcement, facilitation of public access to education and the assurance that lawful commerce can be done across state and national boundaries.

The role of government has changed dramatically over the past 100 years and with those changes we have lost a lot of personal liberty.  The balance of power between government and private citizen’s is tipping in the wrong direction, thus the movement to have government pick “winners and losers” for the marketplace has done a lot to create unsustainable bubbles.  The free market responds to natural occurrences and has the ability to self correct before it can devastate a whole society.  When government micromanages the economy through regulation and money supply manipulation it creates bubbles that, when burst, do create a “too big to fail” mentality.  This fear not only can, but will, devastate communities, states, nations, which will eventually occur on a global scale, as we move ever closer to a “globalized government and judiciary.”

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gaia vs. Christianity; catalyst for the Sustainability movement?

It was brought to my attention many month’s ago that the soft law, United Nation’s Agenda 21 for Sustainability, aka Agenda 21, is rooted in Gaia worshiper’s.  This is easy to believe, since acceptance of Agenda 21 places all things “under” nature.  Thus, it would “naturally” fall into place that anything which might disrupt or defile “Mother Earth,” is environmentally verboten.  The Wizard who stands behind the curtain and pulls all the strings to plant the seeds for Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, (and many others) has been a Gaia disciple for decades, too!

Enjoy this rather lengthy but worthwhile article on Agenda 21.  It’s time folks.  We either push back, and push back hard, or be willing to become a two class, global society where “all” private property belongs to the community (communists) for the benefit of “all good Gaia worshipers to lay at the feet of Mother Earth.”

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Agenda 21: ‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’

Maurice Strong, United Nations, Agenda 21

Some day when historians are sifting through the ashes of what was once the Free West trying to determine what happened,  they will discover that freedom was lost through ‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’.

‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’  is the main strategy being used to push through the very real and dangerous Agenda 21 through villages, towns and cities. The inhabitants of some 1,200 cities—600 of them American—do not even know they’ve been hijacked by the UN’s Agenda 21.

Interesting how Agenda 21 was originated by the first ‘Man Who Wasn’t Really There’,  U.N. Poster Boy, Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong.  Obama, incidentally is only the second ‘Man Who Wasn’t Really There’.

The reason Obama stands out while Maurice Strong doesn’t, is that arrogant Obama likes to boast openly about his obsession to Fundamentally Transform America, while Maurice Strong has always played in the dark of the background.

Obama came out of the nowhere of the streets of Chicago, undocumented, and with zero experience or skills other than those owned by hundreds of thousands of community organizers/activists who get by, courtesy of a capacious government teat. 

Maurice Strong came out of nowhere with only a Grade 11 education to spend a lifetime making it rich as the Father of the Environment through the government-funded U.N.  Strong breezed into the Big Apple at age 18, arriving at Turtle Bay to take up a ready made job as assistant pass officer in the Identification Unit of the Security Section.  He lived with Noah Monod, then treasurer of the U.N.  It was when he first met David Rockefeller and learned that all U.N. funds were handled by Rockefeller’s Chase Bank. 

Long lost over time is that the U.N. physical headquarters got its start in life from the Rockefellers who bought land that had formerly housed an abattoir.  Those folk old enough can still remember the frightened squeals of animals being led to slaughter.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

“Xcor” blasts off from California and lands safely in Texas

When states like California refuse to deal with their insanity it is only a matter of time till all of California is bankrupt.

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Bringing it Home; The facts of A21 for un-Sustainable Development

Last Saturday, on KGMI’s Saturday Morning Live show, the topic was not just about the United Nations Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development.  The show focused on sharing not only what Agenda 21 is, but how the facilitation of Agenda 21 is done at the local levels.

Please listen,enjoy and share the audio of the Saturday Morning Live; “Agenda 21 – Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact"” program, and then take the time to read the attached document.  I’ve downloaded the audio file and attached a local document that is another example of how Agenda 21 uses boards, commissions, councils and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) to implement

  • Agenda 21
  • Community
  • Teamwork
  • In
  • Operation
  • Now
  • plan of UNA21SD, locally in Whatcom County and Washington State.

YiT ~ Shelly

“Saturday Morning Live,” Aug. 18th, 2012, KGMI 790 AM, 8:00 am

Whatcom Council of Governments proposal for funding for, “Neighborhood Smart Trips.”