Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them

Through the many years I have been posting here, I have not posted any articles that are pro or anti-abortion.  This site is dedicated to highlight progressive policies that I believe are deleterious to “We the People.”  Today I found an article through The Drudge Report that could change a lot of minds on the topic of abortion.

Now I want to bring you back to what’s happening with Obamacare and the mandate by this abuse of power, that all insurers must provide abortion coverage.

Please read and share this article with others.  It could mean life or death for many innocent lives to come.

YiT ~  Shelly

Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 5/23/13 12:52 PM

Dr. Anthony Levatino is a pro-life physician from New Mexico but, before having a change of heart on the issue of abortion he was an OBGYN who also performed abortions.

Levatino did as many as 1,200 abortions — some of them after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Then, after his daughter died in a tragic automobile accident, he re-evaluated his position on abortion and stopped doing abortions.

Today, Dr. Levatino told members of a Congressional committee that they should support a bill sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks that would ban abortions nationwide aft 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Should the Tea Party accept the IRS’s apology?

The Country appears to be going through another change.  What is that change?  It’s a monumental change where people who espouse fiscal sanity, constitutional ethics, transparency in government, principled politicians and honest treatment of all US Citizens are targets of their own government.  The recent revelation that the IRS was targeting any group that showed any affiliation with Tea Party principles for “closer scrutiny” by the federal taxing authority of the United States of America has been exposed and admitted to.

Should the “Tea Party,” who ever they are, accept their apology?

YiT ~ Shelly