Saturday, April 30, 2011

President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce Speaks Out about “Marxist” Policies of the Obama Administration

Slowly but surely “the people” are speaking out against the policies of the Obama Administration.  Some of us knew all of this during the 2008 Presidential Campaign due to our diligence to delve into Senator Obama’s history as a Senator, a man, a lawyer, a professor and his “dubious” connections to the likes of Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett and his past affiliations with the merged Democrat/Socialist Party of the early 80’s which is now referred to as the “Progressive” Party.

Laura Ingraham of the “Laura Ingraham Program” recently interviewed Harry Alford, president and CEO of the “National Black Chamber of Commerce”.  Mr. Alford (well known for his verbal confrontation with Senator Barbara Boxer, CA) was candid and open with his perception of the past 2 1/2 years under the Obama Administration.  Might I say he openly uses the word “brown shirts” and “Marxist”!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“Is Whatcom County flush with cash?”

Please take a moment to look over the boondoggle on the wish list of the Whatcom County Council.  If only the County (that means me and You) can convince a few good politicians to support us in these purchases we can all go home happy in having completed a good days work.  The problem is this, we’ve been told by, the County, the City, the State and the Federal government that we’re broke!  The problem is that every year they say they’ve cut spending when all they’ve done is reduce the amount of their planned spending increase, which they want us to believe is a “cut”.  The problem is that the County, the City, the State and the Federal government are raising taxes where they can, or adding fees where they shouldn’t, which takes away the fruits of labor from everyone as we are forced to pay these taxes and fees at ever increasing and unsustainable amounts.  The answer is that “We the People” must stay connected and involved.  “We the People” must raise our voices and demand to be heard.  “We the People” must research the candidates and vote for the person who has a track record for doing what they say they will do for “We the People” that is fiscally sound and constitutionally legal.

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Click on the image to open the PDF file of “all” the land the Whatcom County Council has their eyes on for new park land.  Watch Out Whatcom County!  Your property tax bill is going to get bigger if we continue to be silent on this one.

WC CEDS 2010

Monday, April 25, 2011

Shell Oil to Abandon Drilling in Arctic

Due to the recent ruling by the EPA, Shell Oil has opted to abandon their plans to drill in the Arctic shores off Alaska.  With oil prices skyrocketing and the US economy at a tipping point, does this seem insane to anyone but me?  The EPA board is totally comprised of Democrats and environmental zealots who have determined that Shell’s drilling in the Arctic will be too impactful to the air quality!  Excuse me?  What kind of science are they using?  The Alaskan economy is dependent on ‘2’ things, the oil industry and the fishing industry, both of which are being pulverized by zealots who want to micromanage everything to the point of extinction the ability of people to earn a living in Alaska.

Read this article and if you believe as I do, please contact your representatives and let them know what you think of this move by the EPA.


Energy in America: EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans

By Dan Springer / Published April 25, 2011 / |

Shell Oil Company has announced it must scrap efforts to drill for oil this summer in the Arctic Ocean off the northern coast of Alaska. The decision comes following a ruling by the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board to withhold critical air permits. The move has angered some in Congress and triggered a flurry of legislation aimed at stripping the EPA of its oil drilling oversight.

Shell has spent five years and nearly $4 billion dollars on plans to explore for oil in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. The leases alone cost $2.2 billion. Shell Vice President Pete Slaiby says obtaining similar air permits for a drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico would take about 45 days. He’s especially frustrated over the appeal board’s suggestion that the Arctic drill would somehow be hazardous for the people who live in the area. “We think the issues were really not major,” Slaiby said, “and clearly not impactful for the communities we work in.”

The closest village to where Shell proposed to drill is Kaktovik, Alaska. It is one of the most remote places in the United States. According to the latest census, the population is 245 and nearly all of the residents are Alaska natives. The village, which is 1 square mile, sits right along the shores of the Beaufort Sea, 70 miles away from the proposed off-shore drill site.

The EPA’s appeals board ruled that Shell had not taken into consideration emissions from an ice-breaking vessel when calculating overall greenhouse gas emissions from the project. Environmental groups were thrilled by the ruling.  Read the full story…


Friday, April 22, 2011

“Allen West” Showing Leadership

Ever wonder what it is that everyone loves about Congressman Allen West, FL?

Watch this video and see if you can figure it out!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EPA Does “Not” Consider Job Growth/Decline Relevant to Issuing New Regulations

Checked my email today and found this fun video of an EPA directors answers to a very simple, but direct question…Do you factor in job growth or destruction before issuing new regulations upon the unsuspecting public?  Seems simple enough to me…how about You?

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During an Environment and the Economy Subcommittee hearing, EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus admits to U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner that the EPA does not account for jobs when they issue regulations.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

“Houston! We Still Have A Problem”

The reason that states like Wisconsin have approved the removal of collective bargaining for ‘public’ employees is expressly explained by the following links.  Please take the time to go to these sites and read the full story.  My spouse has a small union pension which we started collecting on 3 years ago.  1 1/2 years ago I received a letter stating that the pension fund was at 65% funding (stage yellow).  One year later I received a letter stating that the pension fund level was still headed downwards and they had one more year to bring up the funding level or reduce all pensioner's reimbursement by 35% or greater, in order to remain compliant with the law (s).  Last week I received a letter and I am going to copy the language  from the letter “verbatim”.  Please take the time to read and absorb what this information means to “all” private citizen’s and tax payers, after which I ask you to follow this link to the labor dispute (of which there are many) happening in Orange, CT, between Teamsters Local 443 and Dichello Distributors.

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The purpose of this notice is to advise you that the Board of Trustees of the ***** **** Retirement Plan (“Plan”) elected to take advantage of certain special funding rules available under the Preservation of Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pension Relief Act of 2010 (Pension Relief Act of 2010).  These rules were put in place by the Federal government to help multiemployer pension plans respond to the historic investment losses suffered in 2008 and 2009.

No Changes are being made to your current benefits or the rate at which you earn future benefits under the Plan.

Explanation of special funding rules elected by the Trustees

Each year the Plan’s actuary prepares a valuation that compares the Plan’s liabilities (essentially benefit promises to current and future retirees and beneficiaries) to the actuarial value of the Plan’s investments.  The market value of investments fluctuates from day to day.  For funding purposes, Federal pension law allows plans to use actuarial values of plan investments that are designed to smooth out those fluctuations.

The Trustees have made elections permitted under Federal law related to the investment losses incurred during the 2008-09 year.

Elections Made

Extended amortization of investment losses.  Federal law generally requires that investment losses be taken into account for funding purposes over a 15-year period.  By electing to use this rule, the Plan’s net investment losses incurred in the 2009-09 plan year will be taken into account for funding purposes over a 29-year period beginning after the end of the plan year in which the loss was incurred.

Expanded asset smoothing.  Federal law allows the Plan to “smooth” out variations in the market value of investments by spreading the difference between the expected return on Plan assets and actual return over a five-year period.  By electing to use this rule, the difference between actual investment returns and expected investment returns for the plan year ending June 30, 2009 will be spread over ten years instead of five.

Effect of the application of the special funding rules

In general, applying the special funding rules allows the Plan more time to recover from the investment losses in 2008-09 while maintaining the current level of benefits provided under the Plan.  The special funding rules will reduce the level of annual contributions needed to meet minimum contribution requirements under the law.  The special funding rules may also improve the Plan’s zone status in future plan years.  You will continue to receive annual funding notices that give you information about the Plan’s funding status.

Future benefit improvements limited by special funding rules

Under the Federal law, the Plan cannot generally improve benefits while the special funding rules apply and during the two-plan year period thereafter (“Restriction Period”).  An exception is provided if the amendment is required as a condition of continued qualification under the Internal Revenue Code, or the Plan’s actuary certifies that (i) the increase is paid for by additional contributions and (ii) the benefit  (and associated contribution) increase is not reasonably expected to reduce the plan’s funded percentages and credit balances during the Restricted Period.

As a result of the elections described above, the Trustees currently anticipate that benefit improvements will be limited until June 30, 2017.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

She’s Back! “Palin Storms Madison, WI”

Now there’s the Sarah Palin I grew to love on the campaign trial of 2008.  Watch and listen as she tells it straight, as she tells it like it is and sets her aim squarely on the Obama Administration and anyone who would take the United States of America off the proverbial ‘debt cliff’.
In addition to the video of Sarah Palin speaking at the Madison Wisconsin Tea Party rally, I have provided a spectacular link to Congressman Paul Ryan's deep explanation of his 2012 fiscal reform plan.  It is adorned with a lot of valuable information that has not been made available through the MSM, and he takes on President Obama's attack of this plan during his speech on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. You know the speech where President Obama personally invited Congressman Ryan to attend and be seated in the front row.  President Obama, if you want people to respect you, you first must give respect to the people.  Over the past 4 years that I have observed you in public, is a true rarity that I have seen you give respect to anyone unless they are a progressive, socialist, marxist, or a communist!  This is something I have found very sad and mean spirited for someone who was given the title ‘President’ and ‘Commander in Chief’.

Click here to go to the exclusive interview shown on PJTV (an excellent news resource) with Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Congressman Paul Ryan.
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Palin Wows Wisconsin Tea Partiers With Blistering Speech; To Obama: 'You Ignored Us in 2010, You Cannot Ignore Us in 2012' from Breitbart on Vimeo.

It’s A Spending Problem–Not A Taxation Problem

Congressman Allen West, FL, discusses the latest polls which show that Conservatives, Independents and especially those of the Tea Party persuasion want Congress to stick to their promise of deep spending cuts to bring down the deficit, salvage the United States credit worthiness and insure that the nations children and grandchildren will not be burdened with this generations spending problem.

In other words; “It’s time to dance with those who brought you to the dance!”  Compromise shows weakness to the Obama Administration and if you didn’t hear the real Barak Obama in the audio clip that was released on Thursday, then you’re deaf.  Speaker Boehner and the U.S. Congress must stand-up to his “Chicago Thug Tactics” and demand that the U.S. Military are funded.  Just ask “We the People” if we’ll stand for the “Commander in Chief” to deny the troops their wages in a time of war!

Enjoy these short clips as Congressman West discusses with the Fox News interviewers, his thoughts on the road back to prosperity.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

“The Dream Team”

After last Friday’s vote to cut federal spending (not the budget) a mere $38.5 billion from the projected $1.7 trillion, I passionately sent out an email with my dream team for 2012.  It reads like this:

“Michelle Bachmann" for U.S. President in 2012 ~ “Allen West” for U.S.-V.P in 2012

So, apparently I am not the only person thinking that this is the team all ‘conservative’, constitution loving, patriots of the United States should contact, support, volunteer and do whatever it’s going to take to put the foundation of this Country back in place.  Doesn’t really matter to me whether its Bachmann/West or West/Bachmann.  What matters to me, is their love for their Country and what the founders intended this Country to be.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Senate Republican “Mike Lee” Defends the Tea Party

After all the dust has settled.  After continuing resolution, after continuing resolution.  After all the fear mongering and mud slinging.  After both the US Congress, US Senate and the Obama Administration are done strutting their stuff for cutting $38bil from a $14tril deficit.  Who should really get the credit?  If not for the “Tea Party” movement, there most likely wouldn’t have been even this miniscule cut in federal spending.  If ever there was a reason for re-stating this years Whatcom County, Tea Party Rally for April 15th of, “We’re Not Going Away”, this last cock and bull of a budget fight was it!

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Enjoy this video of Senator Mike Lee, UT, and his eloquent speech before the US Senate on what really happened last week.  Three cheers to you Senator Lee!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Answer Coalition Advocates Violence to Push Progressive Agenda

Go to and find out for yourself if this video doesn’t tell you what’s coming to your community, soon.  There appears to be a very transparent and co-ordinated effort to bring the U.S. Constitution to it’s knees.  Is our local FBI on top of this?  Is the DOJ pursuing action against this call for domestic terrorism?  With the recent revelation that Stephen Lerner was in a closed door meeting with Frances Fox Piven, advocating for exactly this, and now you have this group meeting to fan the flames of just such an outbreak of violence…where are those we pay to protect society from treason against our U.S. Constitution?  Are they asleep at the wheel like the Air Traffic Controller was?  Just asking a question and trust you will too!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Local Movement “Transition Whatcom” hosting the forum “Move Your Money”

I am not a fan of ‘big’ banks, but is this movement any different than the demonization that has been done to and continues to be the focus of “Progressives”?  ”Take from the rich to give to the poor!”

Large financial institutions have not helped their images over the past decade.  Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Goldman Sachs and other mega-banks, have brought a lot of this upon themselves through their business models.  They took TARP money and stopped lending to the small businesses, that needed their help to get through the 2008 financial decline.  Instead of working with their small business customers to find creative solutions to stay financially healthy, they actively pursued commercial appraisers to go out and appraise ‘all’ commercial assets to quantify the risk to the bank(s) if their small business clients failed.  Not only did they get new appraisal’s (paid for with the bank’s money) but they reappraised every 6 months as the commercial real estate markets (no surprise there) continued to be devalued.  Their business clients were now unable to qualify for financial assistance or to rewrite their loans at the new lowered interest rates and SBA points, because of tighter constraints on lending ‘and’ lower commercial real estate values.  Couple these actions with their push to automate daily financial transactions (no need to go into your local branch and get to know them) and ever increasing fees for the privilege of parking your money with them, and you have the makings of a love-hate relationship of biblical proportions.

I do not advocate for people to be coerced into moving their money to punish the banks, or to foster the belief that all ‘big’ banks are evil and all ‘small, local” banks are good.  That said, I also do not think that it was a good thing when these banks were allowed to merge into financial institutions who could be deemed “too big to fail”.  So what am I saying here?  I believe that both models of financial institutions serve a niche and to demonize one over the other is not the way to fix things.  If we want to fix the financial lending environment, then we must allow them to fail when their business is no longer capable of supporting itself due to their own business practices.  That will give the smaller financial institutions the opportunity to fill in the gap(s) as the free markets will do, when allowed to.

Check out this short video which describes “Arianna Huffington’s” movement “Move the Money” and how the local group “Transition Whatcom” has taken up this move here in Whatcom County.

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Whatcom Investing Network

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Move Your Money Whatcom

Posted on March 7, 2011 by admin

Tired of Wall Street banks crashing our economy, then trashing our public sector and buying politicians?  Move your money out of big banks and into local banks and credit unions.  Help strengthen our local economy!

Check out these Move Your Money Whatcom activities:

“Atlas Shrugged” discussed on FBN’s “Stossel”

Enjoy this short video with John Stossel on Fox Business as he discusses the book and the movie, “Atlas Shrugged”.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

U.S. Underfunded State Pensions as of June 2008

This report comes from Pew Center Research and is based on June 2008 data.  Since ‘all’ of the State Pension funds are in the red pre-2008 recession, it’s only a wild guess what the real deficits are now.  This is why you should never trust anyone with your property and all of your labor should be paid to you and invested by you into your own private plan.  How can we trust them with the ‘trillions’ of dollars they plan to confiscate from our paychecks for healthcare and increased taxes/fees to our energy bills?

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Click the document to see the full report for all the States.

Monday, April 4, 2011

March Madness in Washington D.C.

It’s time for the citizens of the United States to demand that their elected representatives of this Great Country get a grip and implement fiscal sanity into the U.S. Federal Government at all levels. This posting is a wake-up call from those in-the-know about the fiscal insanity that is currently taking place with ‘our’ precious human resources, productivity and tax dollars.

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March Madness: U.S. Gov't Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue

Monday, April 04, 2011
By Terence P. Jeffrey

Erskine Bowles

Erskine Bowles, co-chairman of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsbility with his co-chair former Sen. Alan Simpson (R.-Wyo.) (AP photo/Alex Brandon)

( - The U.S. Treasury has released a final statement for the month of March that demonstrates that financial madness has gripped the federal government.

During the month, according to the Treasury, the federal government grossed $194 billion in tax revenue and paid out $65.898 billion in tax refunds (including $62.011 to individuals and $3.887 to businesses) thus netting $128.179 billion in tax revenue for March.

At the same, the Treasury paid out a total of $1.1187 trillion. When the $65.898 billion in tax refunds is deducted from that, the Treasury paid a net of $1.0528 trillion in federal expenses for March.

That $1.0528 trillion in spending for March equaled 8.2 times the $128.179 in net federal tax revenue for the month.

The lion’s share of this federal spending went to redeem Treasury securities that had matured during the month—most of which were short-term Treasury bills that have terms of one-year or less.

In fact, during March the Treasury redeemed $705.3 billion in Treasury securities of which $623.9 billion were short-term bills with a term of one year or less.

After the disbursements made to pay off the $705.3 billion in loans that came due in March, three of the other top four federal spending items for the month were entitlements programs. The other top item was payments to defense contractors.

The Treasury paid $49.8 billion in Social Security benefits in March, $47.4 billion in Medicare benefits, and $22.575 billion in Medicaid benefits. It also paid $37.9 billion to defense contractors.

To help pay off its $1.0528 trillion in monthly bills on only $128.179 in monthly tax revenue, the Treasury turned primarily to new borrowing. During the month, according to the Treasury statement, the government sold $786.5 billion in new securities. It also drew down its cash balance from $190.6 billion at the beginning of the month to $118.1 billion at the end of the month. It also reaped $18 billion from the sale of assets in the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

The federal government’s cash-flow situation was summed up pungently in Senate Budget Committee testimony by Erskine Bowles, who served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and is now the co-chair of President Barack Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. (See video below.)

“I'm really concerned,” Bowles told the committee last month. “I think we face the most predictable economic crisis in history. A lot of us sitting in this room didn't see this last crisis as it came upon us. But this one is really easy to see. The fiscal path we are on today is simply not sustainable.

“This debt and these deficits that we are incurring on an annual basis are like a cancer and they are truly going to destroy this country from within unless we have the common sense to do something about it,” said Bowles.

“I used to say that I got into this thing for my grandchildren,” Bowles said. “I have eight grandchildren under five years old. I'll have one more in a week. And my life is wonderful and it is wild. But this problem is going to happen long before my grandchildren grow up.

Continue to read this story by clicking here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

You’re Going to Eat Your Medicare and Like it Too!

Everyday there is a new affront to our private rights and liberties.  This post is just one more in a series, no an avalanche, of rules and regulations that demand you live your life the way Uncle Sam tells you to.

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'Entitled' to chains; Bureaucrats' health-care horror


Last Updated: 5:03 AM, March 25, 2011

Posted: 11:23 PM, March 24, 2011

The Constitution grants only to Congress the power to legislate. There is no greater threat to our delicate system of government than when federal courts allow unelected bureaucrats to make up their own laws. Yet last week, federal Judge Rosemary Collyer did just that.

The ruling has ominous implications for ObamaCare, enacted one year ago but not yet in full effect: This decision would allow the "health reform" law to become even more Orwellian than it already is, without any action from Congress.

Forced into Medicare: A judge has ruled that seniors who decline federal medical coverage also forfeit Social Security. -

In a case where I served as chief attorney for the plaintiffs, Judge Collyer allowed to stand three internal rules of the Social Security Administration that make receipt of Social Security retirement benefits contingent upon enrollment in Medicare. Plus, a person who withdraws from Medicare would not only have to give up Social Security retirement benefits, but repay all benefits previously received. Getty

Forced into Medicare: A judge has ruled that seniors who decline federal medical coverage also forfeit Social Security.

All the plaintiffs had paid into Social Security and Medicare throughout their working lives. They were eligible for both programs, but they didn't want to enroll in Medicare because they had their own savings and health-insurance programs that they preferred

Read more: Click here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

“Obamacare” Finds a Need to Create Yet Another Bureaucratic Department: Welcome to the new “ACO”!

Upon opening my Email this morning I found a link to this article and I wish this were an April fools joke.

Only a fool would follow this Administration down such a destructive path for their well being and health care needs.

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ObamaCare: Bureauwonks to the Rescue!

Peter Suderman | March 31, 2011

Another day, another trendy bureaucratic health system “fix” from the authors of ObamaCare. The technocratic buzz this week centers on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), which are intended to reduce waste and increase the quality of care by encouraging systematic coordination between teams of doctors and specialists. Many of the problems ACOs are intended to address are real. But it’s unlikely that ACOs are the solution; the end result may be to exacerbate many of the difficulties they’re supposed to solve.

Just about everyone agrees that there are serious issues with the way the American health system administers care: Earlier this month, for example, the Government Accountability Office reported that Medicare spends an estimated $48 billion each year on “improper payments” to doctors and other health care providers. To put that in context: Medicare wastes almost four times what private health insurers make in profit each year. That’s the astounding cost of fraud, carelessness, and mismanagement in Medicare today.

More generally, fee-for-service medicine—which pays doctors based on how much they do—encourages doctors to do more, and thus spend more, without performing much in the way of cost-benefit analysis. The fact that roughly 90 percent of all medical care is paid for by a third party—either a private insurer or a government program—only exacerbates the problems associated with the fee-for-service model.

Unfortunately, ObamaCare’s ACOs don’t do much to address these problems. Instead of freeing medical providers from the constraints of government regulations and payment systems, they add more requirements. Earlier today, the Obama administration released 427 pages of proposed new rules regarding the implementation of ACOs. These rules, according to Donald Berwick, the health policy superwonk now running the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “will define how physicians, hospitals, and other key constituents can adopt this new organizational form.” In other words, the new rules constitute a detailed attempt by the federal government to tell primary care doctors, specialists, and other providers exactly how they should work together. Rather than encourage private, market-driven experimentation, ObamaCare’s ACOs create yet another model of care built around satisfying government rules and regulations

Click here for the full story.

Washington State Unions Plan Week of Protests for No Wage or Benefit Cuts

Not all Union members are happy that their precious union dues are spent this way. How else do you think I received this email being shared among the local unions?

For some insane reason the Unions don’t understand how the financial and benefit packages that they procured during ‘collective bargaining’ is one large part of what’s destroying the private sector. Wake up! If there’s not a growing private sector and private sector jobs, there is no money to pay for public services.
Legacy and benefit plans are unsustainable for the obvious reason that they are not only ‘too’ generous, but also because the public sector has grown faster than the private sector and has not adjusted itself in the tough times as the private sector does. The private sector adjusts itself naturally due to market forces. The public sector does not adjust itself naturally due to the choke hold they have on the public coffers. Politicians who were more concerned about getting public union dollars for their elections, than looking out for the best interest of all the tax paying citizen’s they represent, have sold both sides a lemon.

So, Washington State Unions, protest all you want…that does not change the truth.

Yours In Truth  Winking smile  Shelly

This is a copy of the information being emailed to local Washington State Public Employees

My Friends, it's time to take a stand!

As the budget shortfall continues to grow, so do the attacks on public employees and Washington families. Legislators are scapegoating workers while giving away billions in tax breaks to out of state corporations.

Did you know state Senator Zarelli is fighting to reject your contract because he thinks the 3% pay cut you agreed to isn't enough (SB 5870)? Or that he wants to create a PERS 4 retirement system that will eliminate your guarantee pension (SB 5908)?

It doesn't matter that your sacrifices will save the state more than $330 million or that you've sacrificed more than $1.5 billion in the past 2 years. It doesn't matter that these bills won't save the state money and that they'll actually hurt our recovering economy.

They want to bust the Unions.

It's time to take a stand in Olympia! Join me and the thousands of other union members from across the state on Friday, April 8. [learn more here]

Let's send a message to law makers that the workers didn't cause this budget crisis and they can't solve the problem on our backs.

Buses are filling up fast! Please email me back and let me know what bus you're planning to ride or if you're planning to get here on your own.

It's going to be historic!

April Sims
WFSE/AFSCME LPA Field Coordinator


This is from the website

WA State Union RallyApril 8 Lobby Day and Rally

Rally at the Capitol steps at noon on April 8 to demand that legislators put people first when seeking solutions to the budget crisis.
Washington state's economy has been brought to its knees over the past several years - not by working men and women, but by Wall Street bankers who created the worst economic crisis in our country since the 1930's. Many ordinary working-class people have already paid the price in lost jobs, homes, services and hope.
People are looking for real solutions. We don't need more cuts to working families. We need legislators to recognize that public servants and middle-class workers have already made deep sacrifices to help fix the economy.
The legislature gave away $3 billion in tax breaks in the past 10 years. We need legislators to close tax loopholes and protect the safety net.

On April 8th - come to Olympia and stand in solidarity to demand that legislators protect the middle class and find real solutions to the budget deficit.

Follow this link to their website and go to all of the bills that they are asking their membership to support and oppose.  Then ask yourself, does this organization care about our State or our Country?  Click here to the WFSE site.