Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“Is Whatcom County flush with cash?”

Please take a moment to look over the boondoggle on the wish list of the Whatcom County Council.  If only the County (that means me and You) can convince a few good politicians to support us in these purchases we can all go home happy in having completed a good days work.  The problem is this, we’ve been told by, the County, the City, the State and the Federal government that we’re broke!  The problem is that every year they say they’ve cut spending when all they’ve done is reduce the amount of their planned spending increase, which they want us to believe is a “cut”.  The problem is that the County, the City, the State and the Federal government are raising taxes where they can, or adding fees where they shouldn’t, which takes away the fruits of labor from everyone as we are forced to pay these taxes and fees at ever increasing and unsustainable amounts.  The answer is that “We the People” must stay connected and involved.  “We the People” must raise our voices and demand to be heard.  “We the People” must research the candidates and vote for the person who has a track record for doing what they say they will do for “We the People” that is fiscally sound and constitutionally legal.

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Click on the image to open the PDF file of “all” the land the Whatcom County Council has their eyes on for new park land.  Watch Out Whatcom County!  Your property tax bill is going to get bigger if we continue to be silent on this one.

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