Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What’s a ‘3’fer?

What’s a ‘3’fer?  It’s “three” winners in “one” posting.

First up is Freshman Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA), elected in 2010 to what the Tea Party calls principled representation of the people.  Remember it must be about the People not the Party if we are to fix what’s wrong in America today.

Second up is a great article from the UK Telegraph’s, James Delingpole, with regards to the little publicized findings from the “Cern Lab” of Switzerland’s, “cloud experiments”.  The scientists had been attempting to prove that cosmic rays from the Sun are the principle cause of climate changes to the earth.  After many years and many grants that were given and taken away, they have successfully proven that cosmic rays, gravitational pull and the Sun are the principle factors to cloud formation and thus warming/cooling of the earth’s temperature.

Click here for the story.

Third up is another great article.  This article is from “WattsUpWithThat.com”The article builds upon the first article’s statements as to what the scientists at the Cern Lab have proven and how the media and the “CO2 is the enemy of the earth” scientists (but have not been able to prove that anthropogenic global warming is a fact) are saying (or not saying) about the findings at the Cern laboratory.

Click here for the full story.

Happy reading!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Changing the Conversation

Everyday I asked myself, “How did we get here?  What’s wrong?  Why do they get away with suing the taxpayers from their constitutional rights?”  It was two years ago that I first heard of Agenda 21 and I have understood ever since that time, that this is the answer to my questions.  Well it looks as though I am not a lone voice in the wilderness, because everyday I find more U.S. Citizens like myself who have come to the same conclusion as I.

Agenda 21 is the “cancer” and the only cure for it is to elect principled people into political office at the local/state/federal levels to defund, remove the language, strengthen our constitutions and charters, from Agenda 21. Lastly, we must demand that our elected representatives cancel our membership to a United Nations that would salaciously work to subvert the United States Constitution, state Constitutions and local Charters, outside of our political processes.

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Agenda 21 ~ Changes the Conversation

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Now Whatcom County?

Primary Election 2011 results are in and the November 2011 General Election is just around the corner.  Will the voters take the time to research and question the candidates?  Or, will they vote for the candidate they deem to be the popular choice based on warm, fuzzy words of encouragement and postcards that show them to be stalwart members of the community with an attractive family tree?

There is a strong, prescient need for the former, not the latter to happen in the upcoming election.  Whatcom County is truly at a crossroad to decide if they will continue on the path of costly, burdensome regulatory suffocation caused by, “Sustainable Development”, or return to a proven economic driver for private business, “Free Market Capitalism".  The free markets that I refer to here are not what we have experienced for the past 2 decades, where government has micromanaged private business and caused them to become dependent upon government handouts.

The fastest growing pseudo-private businesses have learned how to bend the votes of local governments for public/private partnerships.  The local governments have learned how to get state, federal, corporate and  international dollars thru NGO’s, outside of the political process and these NGO’s come under the charter of the United Nations to receive their endorsements.  With these endorsements the NGO’s have the “carrot and stick” to attract government and private business with favorable lending rates to achieve the goals of “Agenda 21”.  The big requirement asked of government(s) is to write into local/state/federal legislation the language from “Agenda 21”.  Private business is required to accept and operate their business under the apex (top down) structure of “Agenda 21”.  The NGO’s write the language which your local government legislates into local ordinances with the mindset that the language will withstand 3rd party lawsuits from private citizen’s and businesses.  Once this language has been approved, the NGO’s have the ability to use our tax dollars to sue us in our courts and win.

The big problem with “Agenda 21” (in my personal opinion and that of many others) is that it is the driver to place “Socialism” on to a global platformAgenda 21 is a grandiose scheme to re-distribute the wealth of nations and private business to give “social justice” to 3rd world nations and their impoverished citizens.  Agenda 21 does not address the political structures of tyrannical dictatorships. In fact, Agenda 21 does pave the path of an assured two class social system; the elites and the working-class poor.  I say this with confidence because within the language and goals of Agenda 21 are the words of Maurice Strong from the Earth Summit of 1992; “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class -- involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing -- are not sustainable.” (This quote is linked to a short video from 1972 where Maurice Strong speaks about his beginning efforts to work for the de-industrialization of industrialized nations because they believed then as they do now that our lifestyles are unsustainable…”Well Mr. Strong, you’ve come a long way baby!”)

For anyone who has read the works of Friedrich Hayek, you already know that his study of socialism showed that all socialism will eventually lead back to nationalism, because it always fails to address the needs and wants of the very people it is dependent upon to support it.  The known leaders of socialistic governing structures have all devolved into tyrannical elites and some have facilitated the murder of their own citizen’s because they dared to resist the tyranny and in-humane treatment of people.  The most important finding of Hayek’s studies is that socialism will always fail, unless it were to be globalizedAfter all where will the people run to if socialism is achieved on a global scale?

So again I say, “What now Whatcom County?”  It is up to We the People to become informed voters who will ask tough questions of those who seek to be our representatives.  The power truly lies within our local governments and we have the ability to hold them accountable to us.  Any valid candidate must know and understand what Agenda 21 is, be able to tell the voter whether they do or don’t support the goals of Agenda 21, and do they understand that the fastest way back to economic health is to remove the local government from the chains of Agenda 21?

The key is that they will must be willing to walk away from state and/or federal money that comes with strings attached to the goals of Agenda 21. You say you don’t know what Agenda 21 is?  Well it is incumbent upon you to get to know Agenda 21, and I have provided a link to Tom DeWeese’s, “Agenda 21 In One Easy Lesson”, to start your journey.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Does a free and unbiased press exist in America today?

You be the judge.  When confronted by a credentialed reporter asking what should be a simple yes or no answer, Senator Dick Durbin chose to have the reporter ejected from his press conference instead.  Is this why we have the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to protect or prevent “free speech?”

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The full story as published by this reporter can be read here.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

“So Tell Me I Was Wrong” by Tom DeWeese

A while back I spoke about how I have analogized that “Agenda 21” is the tumor of what ails the United States, oh hell it’s what ails the world.  The short video that I have provided below is a quickie explanation of Agenda21 (A21), it’s connection to ICLEI “Local Governments for Sustainability” and how they it is being implemented all around the United States outside of our political processes, as intended by the Founders and the reasoning for the protections in our Constitution(s).

Mr. DeWeese also has a book titled; “So Tell Me I Was Wrong.”  His book is available online here for $19.95 (or less if you purchase it used, or for your Kindle).  I recommend that you buy this book for yourself and pass it on to your friends and family, too.

Interview with Tom DeWeese at CPAC 2011 from The John Birch Society on Vimeo.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tea Party Message to D.C., “Clean-up Your Room!”

A recent conversation with a friend consisted of:

“Don’t you think the Tea Party has kinda screwed things up between the Democrats and Republicans?  They used to be able to work things out between each other and now they can’t.”

“The Tea Party screwed things up?  The Tea Party didn’t exist while the D’s and R’s created the financial fiasco that’s headed straight for the American taxpayer.  A better description of what’s happening is that the Tea Party adults have come into the bedroom of the D’s and R’s, pulled out all of the unpaid bills from under the mattresses, beds, rugs, stuck in toy boxes and any place they could think of to put them out of sight and told the children to clean their rooms!”

Well after that rant I’d like to share this horrific article of what has led and continues to lead this nation into the greatest potential depression ever known.  This is not just a problem for our nation, it’s going to be a global problem.  Come to think of it, that’s partly how we got here, isn’t it?  This article comes courtesy of “The Onion” and I wish to warn you that Bernanke is finally speaking the truth even if it isn’t pretty.

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Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is

AUGUST 3, 2011 | ISSUE 47•31

The intoxicated Federal Reserve chairman informs bar patrons of the dangers of reckless spending.

SEWARD, NE—Claiming he wasn't afraid to let everyone in attendance know about "the real mess we're in," Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke reportedly got drunk Tuesday and told everyone at Elwood's Corner Tavern about how absolutely fucked the U.S. economy actually is.

Bernanke, who sources confirmed was "totally sloshed," arrived at the drinking establishment at approximately 5:30 p.m., ensconced himself upon a bar stool, and consumed several bottles of Miller High Life and a half-dozen shots of whiskey while loudly proclaiming to any patron who would listen that the economic outlook was "pretty goddamned awful if you want the God's honest truth."

"Look, they don't want anyone except for the Washington, D.C. bigwigs to know how bad shit really is," said Bernanke, slurring his words as he spoke. "Mounting debt exacerbated—and not relieved—by unchecked consumption, spiraling interest rates, and the grim realities of an inevitable worldwide energy crisis are projected to leave our entire economy in the shitter for, like, a generation, man, I'm telling you."

Read the entire article by clicking here, it’s worth it and be sure to share this with all of your contacts.