Sunday, August 28, 2011

Changing the Conversation

Everyday I asked myself, “How did we get here?  What’s wrong?  Why do they get away with suing the taxpayers from their constitutional rights?”  It was two years ago that I first heard of Agenda 21 and I have understood ever since that time, that this is the answer to my questions.  Well it looks as though I am not a lone voice in the wilderness, because everyday I find more U.S. Citizens like myself who have come to the same conclusion as I.

Agenda 21 is the “cancer” and the only cure for it is to elect principled people into political office at the local/state/federal levels to defund, remove the language, strengthen our constitutions and charters, from Agenda 21. Lastly, we must demand that our elected representatives cancel our membership to a United Nations that would salaciously work to subvert the United States Constitution, state Constitutions and local Charters, outside of our political processes.

Yours In Truth  Smile  Shelly

Agenda 21 ~ Changes the Conversation

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