Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What’s a ‘3’fer?

What’s a ‘3’fer?  It’s “three” winners in “one” posting.

First up is Freshman Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA), elected in 2010 to what the Tea Party calls principled representation of the people.  Remember it must be about the People not the Party if we are to fix what’s wrong in America today.

Second up is a great article from the UK Telegraph’s, James Delingpole, with regards to the little publicized findings from the “Cern Lab” of Switzerland’s, “cloud experiments”.  The scientists had been attempting to prove that cosmic rays from the Sun are the principle cause of climate changes to the earth.  After many years and many grants that were given and taken away, they have successfully proven that cosmic rays, gravitational pull and the Sun are the principle factors to cloud formation and thus warming/cooling of the earth’s temperature.

Click here for the story.

Third up is another great article.  This article is from “WattsUpWithThat.com”The article builds upon the first article’s statements as to what the scientists at the Cern Lab have proven and how the media and the “CO2 is the enemy of the earth” scientists (but have not been able to prove that anthropogenic global warming is a fact) are saying (or not saying) about the findings at the Cern laboratory.

Click here for the full story.

Happy reading!

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