Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do Green Jobs hurt the U.S. Economy?

Fox News published her article “I had a Green Job.”  The author, Deborah Sloan, (researcher for the Center for Industrial Progress) wrote this article and within the article I found the video I have posted below.

If we are to solve the economic crisis, the debt crisis and the energy crisis, we will need to get back to the principles of putting our money into reliable products that are capable of delivering the goods “now.”  Research is a very important process to support in our private and public industries or schools.  That said, it is still research and until it has the “provable potential” to provide the stated results to a society the scale of the United States or other 1st world nations, it needs to stay in the field of research.  Do not force “green energy” that does not have the ability to provide energy to the masses.  Subsidies to help private home owners and businesses convert their homes and businesses to solar, wind or biomass energies does not pencil out at this time.  If you have the spare cash to invest in these technologies; “Go for it!”  Government’s principle role for existence are; defense, infrastructure, law enforcement, facilitation of public access to education and the assurance that lawful commerce can be done across state and national boundaries.

The role of government has changed dramatically over the past 100 years and with those changes we have lost a lot of personal liberty.  The balance of power between government and private citizen’s is tipping in the wrong direction, thus the movement to have government pick “winners and losers” for the marketplace has done a lot to create unsustainable bubbles.  The free market responds to natural occurrences and has the ability to self correct before it can devastate a whole society.  When government micromanages the economy through regulation and money supply manipulation it creates bubbles that, when burst, do create a “too big to fail” mentality.  This fear not only can, but will, devastate communities, states, nations, which will eventually occur on a global scale, as we move ever closer to a “globalized government and judiciary.”

YiT ~ Shelly

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