Thursday, August 23, 2012

“The Washington State Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plan," education or indoctrination?

One of the pillars of UNA21SD (United Nations Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development) is to develop life long learners who understand the connection between the environment (Mother Earth) and human activity.  The diagram below shows the comprehensive plan to teach this theory and if you click on the image you will go to the “executive summary” of the plan.  There is a larger document that entails more details on how to achieve this outcome here.

So, if I understand that human activity is directly dependent upon what’s available in my environment, but I disagree with the outcome, do I fail the course?

Education or indoctrination?  You decide.  There is only one outcome in this circle and that is to teach to the Sustainablist’s outcome and get more tax dollars to keep teaching it.

YiT ~ Shelly

WAState EnvirSusLitProj Image

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