Thursday, July 12, 2012

Overstreet and Shea endorse “Shahram Hadian” for Washington States next Governor in 2012

Last Saturday, at the Whatcom Freedom Rally, in front of a crowd of approximately 200 people, a number of Washington State’s most conservative, most courageous political representatives endorsed Shahram Hadian  as their "courageous leadership” campaign kick-off.  Please take a moment to watch the video of their endorsement and take a moment out of your day to learn more about this candidate, “Shahram Hadian” for Governor of Washington State in 2012.
There are many links to video of Hadian at numerous other political rallies.  Only with principled leadership, that is dedicated to protect, defend and grow individual liberty, will we insure the life our forefathers died for and our children will pine for if lost to them.
YiT ~  Shelly


  1. Just so you know, Matt's last name is spelled Shea.

  2. Matt's last name is spelled Shea.

  3. Whoops! Sorry for that and glad to share the news!


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