Monday, July 16, 2012

San Bernardino, CA continues to be victimized by A21

Had to share the latest from Rosa Koire’s blog.  San Bernardino, CA. used to the bread basket of the U.S. and lost invaluable farm land for the sake of a “smelt” that is not native to the area.  This should make everyone stop and pause a minute.  How nuts are we to stand for this totalitarian behavior?  The ability to adequately cope with societies needs to feed, shelter and cloth itself is primary to humanity.  When a “community” or a “communitarian ideal” looses their value of individual’s rights of liberty to be responsible for themselves, it is time for people to wake-up.  Wake-up your friends and neighbors.  Wake-up your elected representatives (who are “all” fully aware of A21).  Shut down this move to kill the American Dream in favor of sharing the American wealth, with the tyrants of the world, for the benefit of the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century.

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The City of San Bernardino, CA has just declared bankruptcy. This is a page from their miserable confession. Look at the chart. It shows that they lied about the amount of money they actually had. The July 1st balance is the true balance and the Staff Reported Fund Balance is the lie. In 2011-12 the city was lying and saying it had $2 million when it was really over a million in the hole. What are the consequences for the liars? Well?

The newspapers are full of UN Agenda 21.  Just look at the front page on any day. 
Now, today, there are two related stories in the news.  One is that the city of San Bernardino, California is bankrupt. 

What they don't tell you is that this decidedly downscale town is ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT FOR REDEVELOPMENT BONDS.  You can probably buy the whole town for less than that.  So they were destroyed by the greed, manipulation, and conniving of the Redevelopment Agency.   We must remind you that Redevelopment is a funding and implementation arm for UN Agenda 21.  Government subsidies for smart growth--the preferred development style of UN A21. Click on the red and read the propaganda project summary that got San Bernardino into their death gasp--and then compare it to what your town is doing.  'Compass Blueprint' 'Sustainable Community Strategies'  or hardscape for your financial collapse and future poverty?

Click here to read the full story.

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