Monday, October 25, 2010

If I Were King

Is it really that difficult to understand?  Over the past 4 decades, the environmental movement took roots in the government and spread underground into all aspects of the private/public system.  The EPA has empowered itself through taxation and regulation of the private sector.  Production and manufacturing has moved off the shores of the United States and left us with a high percentage of service jobs. Service jobs are great, but they require something to service.  Without a production and manufacturing base in the United States, we eventually run out of service opportunities.

For many years I have understood that the labor force and the environmental groups are like oil and water, they never really mix.  As the environmental movement grew, labor shrank and no one has shown us the statistics that reflect this.  Profit is not evil, profit is a necessary part of manufacturing and production.  Profit is what keeps business in the United States and people working.  The labor pool needs to understand that they must work to keep business profitable in the United States, in order to rebuild labor.

This week Washington State senatorial candidate Dino Rossi spoke to us about restoring the economy by turning around the direction that overt government regulation and taxation has taken our State.  Senator Murray held a rally at the Bellingham Food Bank to promote giving.  I see the two rallies as:

  • One candidate wants to give everyone a fish.
  • The other candidate wants to teach the people to fish.

Wake-up and bring the jobs back to the United States through solid regulatory reform which protects ‘jobs’ and the ‘environment’.

Yours in Truth  Smile Shelly

Unemployment and the Underemployed

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