Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Glenn Beck launches MercuryOne.org

There are many ways we can give back to society and the true measure of charity is that it begins at home, it does not come from Government.

Shortly after the last spate of tornadoes, Glenn Beck’s organization, Mercury One, launched MercuryOne.org.  This is a non-profit which sends 100% of the donations received (less the merchant credit card/debit card fees) to local churches and groups for relief and rebuilding our friends and family the way that god and nature intends us to.

The ability of individuals to come together in times of need is boundless.  Our ability to willingly help others assures that those who truly need help receive it.  It also assures that those who would use tragedy as a way to deceive their neighbors, do not.

Please consider MercuryOne.org, as you budget for charitable giving for the month, quarter or year.  It is very important that we give to trusted local charities, but we also need to give to larger charities for needed help that goes beyond the local charities ability to deliver it.

YiT,  Shelly


Our Mission:

“To inspire, organize and mobilize individuals to improve the human condition physically, emotionally and spiritually with malice towards none and charity for all.”

The time was October of 1958, and a post war and recovering America had just founded NASA.  Within the first week of its inception NASA announced the name of their first mission:  Project Mercury. Two and a half years later Mercury would, with spirit and perseverance, enlist over two million Americans, from engineers to seamstresses, to achieve something unlike the world had ever seen.  Man would orbit the earth and beyond. America had joined together in the spirit of creativity, ingenuity and skill.  With the world watching, we as a nation reached beyond greatness and launched into exceptionalism.
Today NASA, once a foundation of character and honor, has been reduced to nothing more than a public relations firm.  Our country is now set on an uncharted course.  America’s freedoms, opportunities and Judeo-Christian foundation are being disassembled at a lightning speed.

Mercury One, named for a time when America showed its ability to be the exception.

Although we face many trials, Mercury One knows that we Americans are still great.  That now is our window of opportunity to rise above and rebound.  We must not occupy but organize; not revolt but rebuild.  This is our unique moment in time, a calling for the "silent majority" to rise up and stand. Stand for country, Israel, faith, for first responders and for our military.  It is today that we will begin to reassemble, one person, one family, one community at a time.

Be prepared for anything, be prepared for all.

Our goal is that each and every like-minded citizen does everything they can to be prepared for whatever may come.  Prepared for emergencies, both big and small, natural and man-made.  Have the food storage, medicine and necessities available, not only for your family, but to share with others in your neighborhood, church and community.  Mercury One will act as a guide to mobilize Americans to assist each other as well as first responders: physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We must give a hand up and not a hand out, while caring for the elderly and nurturing the young.

Rebuild, rebound, rebirth...

Mercury One will be funded without tax dollars through Glenn’s clothing line 1791, The Original Blueprint and the generosity of the American people.  Named thoughtfully for the year the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution by our Founding Fathers. It is our vision that 1791 will begin an industrial revolution in our nation.  One that will bring jobs, factories and skills back to the American people: one entrepreneur, one factory, one town at a time.
America, we meet now at a fork in the road, and it is here that we shall begin.  We must be careful to take the path less traveled, because that will always be the road that leads to greatness.  Along the way, we will not be alone, this I promise. There will be many others: some will walk beside us, some will lead, some will follow, and inevitably some we must carry.  In the end our journey will be rich with honor, wonder, achievement and an unshakable faith.
United as one, we must emerge from this looming darkness and follow the light, illuminated in the unquestionable majesty that is America’s alone.

God Speed America

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