Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Follow the Ideology

If you’ve never heard of PJTV or Bill Whittle, then I encourage you to follow the embedded links here and become a follower and supporter of them.

Mr. Whittle puts out some very well documented and presented material from the perspective of the Constitution and what’s “right” in the world.  Throughout PJTV’s rise in popularity and Mr. Whittle’s career as a contributor, I have found more profound common sense in their short existence than the multi-decades of the MSM and their decline into insignificance.  What’s the difference?  PJTV and contributor’s like Mr. Whittle, have no allegiance to a party.  Their allegiance is to “We the People”.

So as the wise Mr. Whittle has defined here; “follow the ideology” and share this video.  Possibly with a lot more pressure from “We the People”, the media will do their job and expose the evil, uncaring, “the ends justifies the means”, ideology that spawned the “Fast and Furious” Justice Department program.

YiT ~  Shelly

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