Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cradle to Grave…Nanny Government will be there for you…or not?

After watching President Obama and Gov. Christie showboat the masses with their concern for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the reporters cameras dimmed, and the victims were left behind to deal with Nanny Government. They promised to fulfill their everyday necessities. Too bad that just like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy has proven to be too much for a bloated bureaucracy to manage.

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Exclusive: Chuck Norris applauds private efforts to help Hurricane Sandy victims

Published: 11 hours ago

author-imageby CHUCK NORRISEmail |

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”

– President Ronald Reagan

Those wise and yet haunting words spoken by one of our nation’s greatest presidents couldn’t ring more true – especially today, as winter sets in on an estimated 130,000 of our fellow Americans who are still struggling without power. Many live without heat, hot water or inhabitable homes and question the government’s efforts to alleviate their condition.

Amid the election frenzy, several mainstream media outlets instantly praised the Obama administration’s response to the Hurricane Sandy devastation in the Northeast. But let’s look beneath the congratulatory headlines to see the real and horrifying picture of what’s happening.

Right now, homeless Americans are literally freezing, wrapped in blankets and trash bags as they struggle to survive in FEMA tent cities such as New Jersey’s “Camp Freedom,” which reportedly “resembles a prison camp.”

“Sitting there last night you could see your breath,” displaced resident Brian Sotelo told the Asbury Park Press. “At (Pine Belt) the Red Cross made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got (expletived).”

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