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“Smart Growth” Hidden in the Heartland of the United States…

Whether it’s called Smart Growth, Sustainability, Livability, Home, Vision, Tomorrow, Today, Friends or some other fuzzy word that doesn’t defend liberty, this lady’s got it right!

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“Smart Growth” Hidden in Heart of Franklin, TN

Posted by Victoria Jackson on December 14, 2012 at 12:23 pm

There’s a cancer spreading across TN…and America…It’s insidious. It’s hiding in plain sight.

I was poking around Leiper’s Fork, TN looking for country singing stars and fantasizing that I was one, and that I owned a big ol’ cattle farm when I stumbled upon a free magazine (in existence only a year) from Journal Communications, (, that had big, lush photos of Williamson County. There was a gorgeous spread about a ‘non-profit’ called, “Friends of Franklin Parks,” which upon closer examination is connected to “Franklin Tomorrow.”

I had just asked Ken Freeman, co-creator of SB 477, (the strongest protection against the UN scheme (Agenda 21) passed anywhere in America so far…and that has had “virtually no mention in the establishment press,”) what a “smart growth” meeting looks like. Surprisingly, within two days I accidentally uncovered two “smart growth” publications, three “smart growth” NGO’s, a couple “smart growth” PPP’s, and a “smart growth” mayor who were all guilty of spreading this “smart growth”-Agenda 21-redistribution-disease.

Since my “Agenda 21” radar was on alert, this “Friends of Franklin Parks” article sent giant, red flags up, flares. Not one word in the article mentioned “Sustainability,” “Smart Growth,” or “Sustainable Development,” but I could still smell the putrid scent of communism disguised as ‘a vision of Franklin’s future development.’ There were other clue-words, parks, parks, parks, grant, non-profit, PPP (public-private-partnerships), population control, foundation, umbrella, grantors, future, public garden. So sneaky. Why, what could be bad about bicycle paths, reduced traffic and parks, parks, parks? Well, taking away private property to make the parks, parks, parks is one bad thing. Stealing a private farm to make it a government-owned public farm is a very bad thing. It’s the number one goal of Marxism and the United Nation’s Agenda 21 – separate citizens from their private property. 

Click here to read the full story…good stuff there!

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