Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tax Dollars Used for Racist Sensitivity Training

Diversity at its best?  Hah!  Diversity at its worst and we’re paying for it!  Your tax dollars and mine are being used to do this type of diversity training at all levels of government.  It’s time to raise our voices and let our elected officials know how we feel about this type of indoctrination happening with our tax dollars.

If this is happening in adult settings with our government workers, can you imagine what’s happening in the public school classrooms?  I shudder to think as it was shared with me that public schools (who cannot honor Christmas, Easter or any Christian celebration) commonly have special events like Karl Marx Day, and so many other anti-American, anti-Federalist, or anti-Free Market Capitalism.  Our children rarely spend time studying the history of big-thinkers like President Calvin Coolidge, economists such as the late Milton Friedman or Walter Williams.

Is it really any wonder that our nation is publicly $16.6T in debt, a debt that is 74.6% of our GDP now, and an external debt to GDP ration of 99.8%?  Just for kicks I checked out how the State of Washington is doing in comparison, but you should remember that States are actually supposed to abide by a balanced budget.  So, even though the State of Washington appears to be doing much better than the Federal government, Washington State does spend more than we pay-in. The State of Washington has a debt to GDP ratio of 20.5%.  If that made you feel better, try this on for size.  The State of California’s debt to GDP ratio is 20.4%.  But heck, remember that statement from President Obama at the, no so long ago, State of the Union Address? I am paraphrasing here, but the President said;  “We are living at a time where many political parties are manufacturing crisis after crisis.”

What I’m asking you, if you’ve taken the time to check-in and read this posting, have you, will you take the time to contact your political representatives?  Tell them to stop wasting tax dollars.  Tell them that they could start by demanding that we stop promoting events like the one I’ve shared with you here.

YiT ~  Shelly


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