Friday, August 20, 2010

Washington State August 17, 2010 Primary Results

The votes are in and the work has just begun.  Now it’s time to get behind the candidate of your choice and bring them across the finish line.  Even if your primary candidate didn’t make it to the general election in November, YOU need to educate yourself on the remaining candidates and help get them elected.  They need money, but most of all they need US not to stay silent and expect that everyone is as involved as you are.  Get out there and doorbell, participate in a Get-Out-the-Vote reminder call, put out signs in support of your candidate or help to find property to put them up, have a neighborhood coffee, write letters to the local newspaper editorial, blog, facebook and tweet.  If you have other thoughts on creative ways to spread the word, you can be part of the solution, too!

Yours In Truth  ;-)  Shelly

You may also use the MyVote personalized voter information tool to see results for the candidates that appeared on your ballot.

County Results & Map

Last updated on 8/20/2010 8:13 AM

United States, U.S. Senator (Partisan office, 6-year term) Statewide

Norma D. Gruber

(Prefers Republican Party) 8,221 votes (0.66 %)

Mohammad H. Said

(Prefers Centrist Party) 2,861 votes (0.23 %)


(Prefers Democratic Party) 4,092 votes (0.33 %)

Mike The Mover

(Prefers Democratic Party) 5,232 votes (0.42 % )

Paul Akers

(Prefers Republican Party) 31,879 votes (2.56 %)

Mike Latimer

(Prefers Republican Party) 5,735 votes (0.46 %)

James (Skip) Mercer

(States No Party Preference) 10,362 votes (0.83 %)

Clint Didier

(Prefers Republican Party) 155,578 votes (12.49 %)

Schalk Leonard

(States No Party Preference) 2,416 votes (0.19 %)

Patty Murray

(Prefers Democratic Party) 577,966 votes (46.41 %)

Bob Burr

(Prefers Democratic Party) 9,721 votes (0.78 %)

William Edward Chovil

(Prefers Republican Party) 1,806 votes (0.14 %)

Dino Rossi

(Prefers Republican Party) 415,395 votes (33.36 %)

Charles Allen

(Prefers Democratic Party) 10,041 votes (0.81 %)

Will Baker

(Prefers Reform Party) 3,945 votes (0.32 %)

Total Votes
1,245,250 votes (100.00%)

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