Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Case Against Unionized Government Service & Labor Workers

For the past 20 months (much longer really) the private sector has not only been in decline in number, but in per capita income.  The Union’s have privately notified all of their Democrat, Union supported Politician’s, that they are not to touch their wages and they are to save their pension plans or they will pull their financial support from the next round of Democrat candidates.
So, after listening to a local radio show host whine about how it doesn’t matter that public employees earn (on average) double what the private sector (on average) does, they receive much larger benefit packages and are eligible to retire and begin collecting on their pension funds at a much younger age, I have to weigh-in.
First, if the Unions would’ve come to the bargaining table these are the benefits that would have been realized, immediately:
  • State’s could’ve balanced their budgets without tax increases.
  • Public workers would have saved many jobs.
  • The State’s social services would not have been unduly stressed with the increase of unemployment funding, food stamps and Medicaid services.
  • The Federal government could have spent less of the money (they don’t have) to keep Teachers and Police Officers employed.
  • The recession would have been eased and there would be less chance for a double dip recession.
Secondly, all of the above are valid reasons why private citizens must demand that their State Governor bring their public sector Unions and State Legislators back to their State Capitol to re-negotiate these contracts.  The Governor’s have the ability to call an economic state of emergency which will legally require the Union Leadership to re-negotiate all Union contracts.  Pick up your phone and call your Governor and State Legislators today, to put pressure on them to work for a sustainable government.
Lastly, it’s primary time in Whatcom County. So,there’s no time to waste folks.  Pick up your primary ballot and vote for candidates that will turn this ship around.  We need elected officials who will work to heal the Nation and restore our Constitution.
My support has gone to these candidates.  I believe that these are real people who will work to heal and restore our Nation, State, County and Cities:
Clint Didier, Paul Akers, John Koster, Doug Erickson, Jon Swapp, Jason Overstreet, Dusty Gulleson, Vincent Buys, Mike Newman, Tony Larson and Theresa Sygitowitz for the offices of U.S. Senators and Congress, State Senate & Legislators and County Council.  To safeguard our State Constitution please vote for Justice Johnson and Justice Sanders.
Call your friends and neighbors, remind them to vote and don’t be afraid to knock on doors to spread the word.  This is the most important election of our lifetime!
Yours In Truth  ;-)  Shelly

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