Saturday, January 8, 2011

CCX Gets Capped ~ “wOOt!”

To quote the words of the “Rage Against the Kakistocracy” scribe; Karl Uppiano, “wOOt!”  Forbes has published an interesting article on the demise of CCX with the foul winds of the Cap & Trade (Tax) scheme.  After decades of regulatory manipulation and fabrication, they realized that there is no way to continue the charade that CO2 is the cause of all the worlds ill.  Anyone who has spent time understanding the needs of and make-up of the planet, understand that CO2 ‘is’ the life blood of the earth.  Why else are we ‘all’ largely constructed of carbon?

Please enjoy this morsel of the article and follow the link to the full article.  Remember the people involved from the beginning in this scheme and ask yourself; “How did they get so far?”  “Who is the Joyce Foundation?”  “How much money have they stolen from the People?”  Want the answer?  Follow the money…

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The Bell Tells for You

The Chicago Climate Club Gets Capped

Larry Bell, 12.22.10, 12:00 PM EST

The amount of influential Democrats in this group is perhaps too coincidental.

I didn't receive an invitation to attend the annual holiday festivities sponsored by the Chicago Climate Club this year. Initially concerned that this might possibly be due to something I wrote in this column, a different reason is now apparent. The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) has shut its doors in response to a different sort of climate change--one producing a cold political Northern that blew into the Windy City from the Great Plains and beyond on Nov. 2.

Consequently, many prominent officers, corporate affiliates and individual shareholders--many of whom you are likely to recognize--won't receive the public gifts they had hoped.

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CCX was launched in 2003 as a "voluntary pilot agency" that aspired to become the New York Stock Exchange for Carbon-emission trading. Its planning was initiated thanks to a $345,000 grant from the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation to Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management to study and test the viability of a future carbon-credit market.

Read the full article here and share it if you find it worthy.

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