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Institutional Revolution. Think about that.

This article from the blog site “Primordial Slack”, is so well written that any attempt by me to make it my own would diminish it.  So, please read, relish and share this piece for the pure common sense it imparts to the reader(s).

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Posted on February 23, 2011 by Joan of Argghh!

Some days I can’t decide if I’m actually impressed by the once fresh-faced irony of the Mexican ruling party’s name, or horrified that the good-citizen-teachers of Wisconsin will seize upon it for their own identity.

We Don't Need No Steenkin' Badges!

You’d have to admit at this point that “Hope and Change” is a hollow cover for blatant Marxism and it clanks against the heart of liberty in the same sophomoric key as all things institutional. But that is the way of all governments at some point: assimilate the popular sentiment and institutionalize it for your own purposes. Or did you not see what happened in Egypt? Good and impressionable people took to the streets and the governing powers infiltrated, adulterated and subjugated the national mood. They (an amalgam of power-brokers) now own what happened and the people lost.

I think that’s why it’s best to leave Wisconsin to the moonbats. A counter-march and all the attendant fringes of such will, a)never be faithfully portrayed by the State-run media, or b)will be artfully cherry-picked by the MSM out at the fringes for a net loss, or c)be assimilated into One Thing and that won’t be the thing anyone really wants, but will be what they get.

It’s best to let such people self-define, in the end. The singular and non-distilled messaging of the Left is doing our work for us. The minute the Tea Party decides to do something similar, we will be handing power to the ruling Institution and, like it or not, that is still a very fat and happy body of government; a government that is inventing social-bots and twitter-bots and all sorts of State-run media-bots and setting them free to roam the Intartubes.

Even now, people are tiring of the tedious business of sorting through the media morass to find simple meaning. The delicate types want everyone to quit being mean, the deceiving types want to shift blame, and the rest just want to control the conversation when they’re not trying to regulate it for cash and valuable prizes. It all works in their favor. Sure, the cure for restrictive speech is more speech but the ear can only hear so much.

A solid ideology, pure, simple and easily defined by its outcomes is our only unifying force. We lose it at our peril. We must guard it jealously and wisely, not trot it out into the streets when the risk of confusion is high, as in Wisconsin right now. Let that weak pony run itself out.

The Tea Party simply must remain the non-institutionalized factor of real hope. Even now, nice, well-meaning people are planning on using what so many have already accomplished for their own political ends. They will shove candidates and issues and agendas onto the Tea Party like a feather in Yankee Doodle’s cap and call it macaroni if we let them. But for now those types are completely frustrated by the lack of organization; that’s how you know it’s working.

In the meantime, if you want to save your country, you’ll have to do it all by yourself: one acquaintance, one casual encounter, one community meeting, one moment of accountability,  one blog post, one vote at a time.  It might be out of your comfort zone socially, but it wields more lasting effect than all the hollow promises and tender mercies of an Institutionalized Revolution.

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Just speak up. And if someone is offended? Wear it like a badge. . . of honor.

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