Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Fights Unionized Public Workforce

The media has a way of capturing the best in people and are really good at capturing people at their worst.  The State of Wisconsin elected a Governor to fix their economy, stabilize their pension system and still honor these people by keeping them employed within the public sector.  What thanks is he getting from the Union bosses and all of the bussed in protestors?  Where has all the civility that was being demanded of us after the shooting in Arizona of Congresswoman Giffords?  How short is our memory?

Here’s a little story, which is based entirely on fact:  A child was standing in front of a candy vending machine.  The child’s father said, “no”.  The child continued to whine for money to get candy from the vending machine.  The father said, “no”, again.  The father went outside to take some personal belongings outside to his vehicle and came back in to retrieve his child.  The child then threw herself onto the floor and proceeded to kick and scream for daddy to giver her money to buy candy from the vending machine.  The father got out money, put it in the machine and gave his daughter the candy.

Now, what is the difference between that scenario (which we all know was exactly the wrong thing to have done) and this display that the Public Union Workers of Wisconsin and around the Nation are displaying here?

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