Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is it Welfare or a Well of the State?

This is a video which illustrates:

Here is a development in Tacoma WA (Salishan) that was built for Illegal Immigrants! 1325 Homes created! Refugee Pay offers them $2642 per month in SSI benefits, plus Food Stamps, plus Section 8 Housing. You will see new expensive cars in this video. Wouldn't you like to get a free ride like the illegals?

(There was an article published by the NY Times in 2007, which elaborates on this project.  The article never mentions that this housing and subsidy program includes “illegal-noncitizens”, but it does reference the paid for landscape maintenance and language barriers due to the foreigners inability to speak English.)

So there’s not much for me to say except, watch this video, share this video, contact your State of Washington political representatives and ask them:

Why we spend money to make life so easy for those who have broken our laws?

Why is our State and Country broke, but the State and Federal governments refuse to address the real spending problems?

When are we going to “Cut, Cap and Balance” the Federal government?

Welfare Project in Tacoma, Washington, or should I say Well of the State Project?

Yours In Truth  Winking smile  Shelly

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