Thursday, July 21, 2011

Local Website Dredges Up & Exposes Local Waste

Recently I came across the website; “The Whatcom Excavator,” which is focused on Whatcom County. The site questions how our local tax dollars are being spent. There is a lot of waste and abuse that goes unnoticed, but this website has done a great job of exposing where and how your tax dollars are spent.

Our elected officials are entrusted with the public purse to promote safe, paved streets, capacity “plus” infrastructure to service “We the People" and public schools to train and educate the people.  We elect citizens to public office who promise to promote free enterprise and facilitate free markets that can rise-up and support all of this public largesse. There has been a change from this interpretation of governments responsibilities and limitations, due to a small segment of society that have implanted themselves into positions of public influence.  They are manipulating the local ordinances to weave their Socialist ideology and pay themselves to regulate private citizens from the rights of their property.  To learn more about the tool(s) they are using to do this, click this link on the Excavators site.  This site will aid the busy, private citizen, to educate themselves.

Another segment on “The Whatcom Excavator” sources Agenda 21, which is a UN approved, international charter, that is intended as a policy guide to: sustainable farming, urban agriculture, forestry, waterways, the oceans, education, arts and media.  It also encompasses alternative energies, retrofitting of homes and businesses, affordable housing, land use, population growth and reproductive rights.

Locally our county and cities have bought into ICLEI and ICLEI USA, which are NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), whose mission it is to build a worldwide movement of local governments which are dedicated to achieve tangible improvements in global environmental and sustainable developments through cumulative local action. They will achieve this if they succeed with their purpose to obliterate political boundaries, collectivize property and re-educate the youth to be global citizens. They have the full support of the United Nations because their goal is to achieve Agenda 21 through local/regional ordinance and bypass the political process of public approval.  These are all, unelected people, that operate organizations with grants from local/state/federal tax dollars to push their agenda forward.  These NGO’s are paid with tax dollars to de-evolve American principles into “global” principles.  Their mantra is “Think Global, Act Local.”

Please enjoy this new site and add it to your list of favorites.

Yours In Truth  Winking smile Shelly

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