Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years! May 2012 bring You health & happiness

Eagles with FlagAs I ring in the new year, my resolution is to ask more questions and demand more answers from life and the leaders who affect my life.  2011 has come to a close with so many unanswered questions and begins 2012 with much uncertainty, in the world of economics, for my Country.  So it is time to ask tough questions in the run-up to the 2012 elections.

When the economy is run with a sure hand, using sound economic principles, it empowers me, the consumer, to plan and invest with confidence.  When the economy is run by the seat of someone’s pants, using unproven economic strategy in the “hopes” of spawning economic growth; it is my responsibility to myself, to pull back my savings into a safe harbor until the storm of uncertainty has subsided.

To start the New Year off right, I plan to ask those seeking to be leaders many questions and I trust you will too.  The start of my questioning begins with these recent events:

· When Netflix proposed an increase to the “monthly fee” for their DVD/Instant Viewing online movie services (a purely voluntary choice of service); John Q public went ballistic and the MSM reported it. Within 30 days Netflix removed the increase in fees, broke-up the service and now delivers a much less desirable service to their customers. The intent of the fee increase was to deliver a fresher line of movie products to their customers, an improvement in services for a minimal increase in fee’s when compared to the costs incurred through Direct TV, Xfinity, and other major cable TV services.

· Bank of America announced their intention to charge a “fee” for the usage (purely voluntary to choose Bank of America as your bank) of their ATM’s or debit cards; John Q public went ballistic and the MSM reported it.  Fee was cancelled within 2 weeks.

· Verizon announced their intention to charge a “fee” for paying your bill online or by your phone app (purely voluntary to choose Verizon as your cell phone provider); John Q public went ballistic and the MSM reported it.  Fee was cancelled within 48 hrs.

· Where is John Q’s outrage at “ALL” of the thousands of fee’s being added daily by local/state/federal governments by monopolies that John Q public cannot avoid????

· Isn’t this a valid question to ask Political Leaders, John Q public and the MSM?

YiT, Shelly

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