Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Motivates Obama?

I am not a big fan of Dick Morris, but this video clip put out by Mr. Morris, is the best encapsulation of what’s happened the past three years.

What Mr. Morris says here, goes hand in glove with the conclusions of Fredrich Hayek; “Socialism will never succeed over Capitalism unless it is done on a global basis.”  Hayek’s studies also proved another dire consequence of Socialism (Marxism and Communism, not excluded) is that it “always” ends in TYRANNY!

Mr. Morris’s theory also aligns with the goals of the United Nations for Agenda 21, if you understand that Agenda 21 is merely a global effort to create a global government of choice, which is “Socialism on a global scale”.  Can any of you say, “New World Order”?

The biggest challenge we have today is, which of the other Presidential Candidates will remove the United States from the United Nations and leave Agenda 21 in ashes.  They cannot successfully implement Agenda 21 without the United States, and the U.S. Constitution is our only protection from their end game.

Please watch the video and especially if you agree that this is the explanation of what has, is and will happen to the United States economic system, please share this far and wide.

YiT,  Shelly

What Motivates Obama?

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