Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“Windfall” or “Downfall”?

As you watch this short promo-video, “Windfall”, about a small town that bought into the clean green energy of wind power, keep in mind that the “federal” Department of Energy has recently ordered that Bonneville Power cannot turn-off wind power generation in Washington State, due to excess water built-up at the dam’s and over production of power.  The effects of this ruling?

  • The wind mills must turn, despite lack of storage capability and winged fowl destruction.
  • The dam must allow the water build-up to spill over the dam, causing damage to the dam, risk to the surrounding property owners, and death to the fish in the area.

Is this what “we’ve” bought into with hype and feel-good promise that not only are you lining your pockets with green energy “gold”, but you’re saving the environment.  Notice any reduction in the rates being charged due to less power usage?  No!  The rates go up because we’re using less energy!  What a convoluted mess they’ve created.

Now that Puget Sound Energy has invested so much time and “money” into “wind power” in Washington State, they are loathe to stop itThey will, in fact, fight to keep it going at this point, because that’s the only possibility they have of recouping their investment, due to pressure from our State and Federal government.

YiT,  Shelly


Windfall–Documentary Promo

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