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Citizen’s Petition to “Stop” Wind Turbine Proposal for Galbraith Mountian, in Whatcom County

Oo-oo-h!  Just found this local article from the Whatcom Excavator.  It is a beauty of an article, because it clearly defines everything “wrong” with large wind turbines in an area that has plentiful “clean” hydro-electrical energy, which is sold to the consumer at a lower rate than wind or solar can be.

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Huge Wind Turbine Project on Galbraith Mountain Raises Questions


Talk around town is that serious questions have been raised about an absolutely immense wind turbine project that's been proposed for installation at the top of Galbraith Mountain.   This mega-machine so far exceeds the County's recently enacted standards it requires a conditional use permit.   WE checked out the turbine specs, and learned that - yes indeed (see the particulars) - this has a 100 meter rotor diameter, that's 328 feet.
With all the outcry from our local eco-elite alarmists about retaining the county's scenic beauty, habitat, and rural character, in uber-green style most want to turn a totally blind eye away from this project's impacts, which would be many.
This machine will make an incredible amount of noise (the specs say 106 decibels) when it runs - well beyond safe limits.   And there's no question that this will slaughter birds like crazy for years if it's built.   At three times the height of Bellingham Towers it will need to have have aircraft warning lights.   So much for the Galbraith Mountain skyline, aesthetics, etc.    The foundation and earthwork will be significant, at a location right between the Lake Whatcom and Lake Samish watersheds.   These turbines are notorious for leaking oil, among other environmental impacts.   So much for watershed protection.   At a minimum, a very big buffer (perhaps 1000 feet) should be required around the thing.   Imagine how far a broken blade would fly (they weigh tons), and there's that pesky noise issue.


PictureTwo griffon vultures killed by turbines in Navarre, Spain. One of them has been sliced in half by the blade.




Kenersys K100 2.5MW Wind Turbine

To top it off, this wind turbine will require a tremendous amount of cash subsidy.   WE reported last fall how much power bills are already grossly inflated to stuff the pockets of windpower outfits.   This "industry" has been a gold-rush, unrestrained by reality.  Turbines don't turn all the time, and cost-benefit runs to the "highly inefficient end of the scale" almost everywhere.   WE have never been "NIMBY" types, but this looks like a one-way cash cow of the worst kind.

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