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If it can happen in Wisconsin, it can happen in Washington State

Over the past year or more I have given a lot of material on the United Nations action plan known as “Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development”.  When we read, hear or say the word “sustainable”, it conjures up peaceful images of pastures, wild flowers, wildlife grazing in the meadows, trees in full bloom, a solitary home and even a barn or out building for tending to the land, maybe an old truck or tractor, a clothes line and barn yard life milling about the open spaces.
The reality of Agenda 21’s (A21)action plan is anything but this image.  The end game for A21 is a stack’em - pack’em model for humansPlacing a fence around us that prevents you and I from venturing into the natural wilderness (humans are too much of a threat to “Mother Nature” you know) and removes almost 50% of the continental United States for wildlife preservation as proposed by the “Wildlands Project”The remaining 45% is slated for intense regulation, leaving only 5% of the continental United States for human occupation.  Does this description spring visions of Utopia for you? 
The implementation of UN/A21 has been made possible by sending out dedicated believers for a “globalist view for global governance and “equal justice”.  They do not believe or promote for, “equal opportunity” for all nations.  They do not safeguard individual rights, national or state sovereignty.  These minions have convinced our local politicians to buy into “ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability.  Why have our local representatives bought into ICLEI?  Because ICLEI or ICLEI USA, shows them the money and how they can have a lot of it!  Free money you know!  There’s never any strings attached to free money!  Oh no!  That’s not true is it? Because there are always strings attached to other peoples money.  (Here’s an article that will give you a good precursor of ICLEI and how it has poisoned the individual property rights of private citizen’s all across America.)  The City of Bellingham are members of ICLEI and Whatcom County has only recently voted to discontinue their membership with ICLEI USA (ICLEI USA's website boasts they are 7,748 member cities strong).   Even if Whatcom County opts out of ICLEI, they (the County Council and the County Executive) will have to spend time to root out all of the anti-Constitutional, anti-County Charter, language they have implanted into County doctrine for the past decades.  Since our new County Executive won election with the “Sustainable Connections” moniker attached to his political website, he must be willing to forego that connection and work with the Council to remove all of the language of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, in order to restore property rights that were seriously eroded from their affiliation with ICLEI.
All across America people are waking-up to the fallacy of sustainable development as a means to provide the utopian social justice of the Fabian Society or the utopian dreams of the Gaia's.  They have dreamed of this transformational change for centuries, but that darned U.S. Constitution has always been in the way.  That fabulous document which guarantees inalienable rights for all individuals and protects all of us from mob rule and government oppression.
So I ask you; “If it can happen in Wisconsin, can it happen in Washington State?”
YiT ~  Shelly


Wisconsin Bill to Allow Local Opt-out From Smart Growth Planning

October 11, 2011By: Larry Greenley
Wisconsin Bill to Allow Local Opt-out From Smart Growth Planning
If you oppose Sustainable Development and Smart Growth planning, you'll be interested to know that the Wisconsin Assembly is holding a hearing today regarding AB303, a bill that would allow local government units to opt-out from Smart Growth planning.

A new buzzword is sweeping across America: Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive environmental action plan dealing with "sustainable development" that came out of the United Nations' Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Over the past two decades much of Agenda 21 has been enacted piecemeal at the state and local levels under a variety of names, such as: "Smart Growth Initiatives," "Resilient Cities," "Regional Visioning Projects," "STAR Sustainable Communities," "Green Jobs," and "Green Building Codes."
In 1999 the Wisconsin state legislature implemented Agenda 21-type planning statewide when it passed a comprehensive planning law, also known as "Smart Growth," which requires all local units of government to develop and maintain costly comprehensive Smart Growth plans. These plans are so costly because they are required to include all of the following elements in their plans: Issues and Opportunities, Housing, Transportation, Utilities and Community Facilities, Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources, Economic Development, Intergovernmental Cooperation, Land-use, and Implementation elements.
The problem with Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Smart Growth planning is that it is leading to such undesirable outcomes as: virtual elimination of private ownership, control of family size, cutting the amount of goods and services you buy and use, forcing people to move from rural areas to cities, government price controls, increased government control over businesses, increased gas taxes, and such radical utopian concepts as equal rights for all living and nonliving objects.
If you are a resident of Wisconsin, click here to send a message to Governor Scott Walker, your State Representative, and your State Senator in support of AB 303 to allow local government units to opt-out of the Wisconsin state requirement to develop and maintain Smart Growth plans.
If you are not a resident of Wisconsin, but would like to start a dialog with your state senator and state representative about the status of Agenda 21 and Smart Growth planning in your state, click here.
Click here to go to The John Birch Society's "Choose Freedom — STOP AGENDA 21" action project page where you can learn more about Agenda 21 and what can be done to stop it.

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