Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy…is the sky falling…or maybe not???

Has Hurricane Sandy left a whole lot of pain, death and devastation in her wake?  Yes.  Is this proof of climate change?  No.  Instead of wasting all of our time and wealth on trying to reverse life back in time, it would have been better spent developing the technology to survive severe weather events, like Sandy.  Was there any doubt that if and when there was a catastrophic weather event in the United States, that all of the fear peddlers would climb back out from whence they’d gone to attempt an “I told you so!”

In Western Washington we had just under 90 straight days of dry weather.  The weather across the nation this last spring and summer, had scant water that caused a poor start to their crops.  The year before the farms across the nation had a cold, wet spring that hurt their crops and caused crop loss from molds.  But, no matter what the “weather” caused here and there, somewhere the weather was great and they were able to benefit from it.  That’s the way weather is, dry here, wet there, cold somewhere while it’s hot somewhere else.

Climate change on the other hand is a slow, deliberate process that occurs due to planetary alignments, gravitational pull and solar activity.   Whether we like it or not, we are an insignificant factor to the earth’s long history.  Likely, we will be remembered as a flicker of time in some history book, someplace, somewhere.

Some brave meteorologists get it and are tasked with the difficult job of cutting through the fog of dis-information spread by those selling non-scientifically proven, doom peddling, known as global cooling - global warming – climate change.  This hysteria is spoon fed us to us daily.  What could possibly be the motive?  To attain the goals of Agenda 21?  I’m just asking you to use some common sense and consider the sourceSleeping half-moon.

YiT ~  Shelly

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