Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why are there any undecided voters left?

When I engage people in conversation about anything of political consequence there is a familiar theme; “That’s why I don’t vote.”  Barring my mouth dropping open and catching flies, I am in shock over this dilemma.  If you don’t understand the issues, there are plenty of non-partisan sources to reach out to for clarity on the issues.

Are “You” voting this year?  If you choose to sit it out because you refuse to spend some time reading up on the ballots and the candidates, so be it.  Please do not complain about the lack of jobs, low wages, the cost of food, clothing and housing, or a politicians lack of principles.  Those principles start at home.  It is each of our responsibility to care enough about our Country to vote for the most principled individual(s) that will represent “you.”

Need some help sourcing for your votes?  Check out these links:

  1. The Freedom Foundation is a great place to start.
  2. The Washington State Voters Online guide is another great resource.
  3. Here’s another well connected site called, “Politics 1.”
  4. If you have further need to vet the candidates, you can always call upon your local “Tea Party” for non-partisan information.

With the election only 15 days from now, it is everyone’s responsibility to turn-off “Dancing with the Stars,” or whatever source you’re using to keep your head in the sand and fill out that voters ballot.  After the election is over, you will have more time to spend not paying attention to anything past the end of your nose, or you’ll be so busy trying to figure out how you lost your shirt to the collectivists that nothing else will matter.  Sarcastic smile

YiT ~  Shelly

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