Saturday, March 2, 2013

Innocents Betrayed ~ from Dr. Piazza of Front Sight Training Inst.

If you like this video parody that obviously takes on the Hollywood-Communitarian-Bullies, then you’ll probably enjoy the Front Sight Training Institute website and blog.  Front Sight is a firearms training facility.  The Front Sight Institute is owned by Dr. Ignasius Piazza and has become renowned for their ability to train and educate citizens in the proper use and understanding of firearms.

Here’s a quote from Dr. Piazza:

“If every law abiding American citizen was trained in the safe and responsible use of defensive firearms to levels that exceed law enforcement and military standards, together we would positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes, restore the Second Amendment, and create a country forever protected against enemies foreign and domestic.” 

“It is a stated goal of to positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes.”

“Nobody can dispute these historical facts.  I know because I co-produced with Aaron Zelman of JPFO an entire documentary on the subject of governments killing their own people immediately following gun confiscation. The award winning documentary is titled Innocents Betrayed.  You can watch  it here

Will you find lots of things that they’re advertising?  Of course you will.  That’s what capitalism is all about!

YIT ~ Shelly

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