Saturday, March 2, 2013

Restore the Two-Thirds; a Freedom Foundation Petition

All hands on deck!  It’s time to get the grassroots, common sense people to let the will of the people be heard.  The Freedom Foundation has posted an online petition demanding our political leaders to “Restore the Two-Thirds,” requirement to raise taxes and make it permanent. 

All it takes to effect change is to raise our voices in unison for a common cause.  Washington State has increased spending above revenue projections far too long and now, due to an activist State Supreme Court (elections do have consequences) the will of the people (64% of them) has been subverted.  Since Initiative 601, the voters have passed the two-thirds requirement five times.  Each time it passes with an even greater majority than the last one.  It’s time to send the message straight to Olympia that We the People have spoken and no less than a State Constitutional Amendment requiring the two-thirds vote of the House and Senate will do.

Please check-out the Freedom Foundation’s petition to restore the two-thirds majority vote as a constitutional amendment.  And, please share this with all of your friends and family.

YiT ~  Shelly

The State Supreme Court just made it a lot easier for the legislature to raise your Sign our petitiontaxes—and we know they’re going to try.
Washington voters have repeatedly (6 times) and overwhelmingly (64% in 2012) voted to require a super-majority vote for the legislature to increase taxes or fees. Yet six State Supreme Court justices sided with special interests to strike down this law.
Some politicians claim tax hikes are essential just to support basic services. It’s an outright lie. State revenue for the next budget is projected to be $2 billion more than in the last budget, yet politicians say it’s not enough. In fact, revenue has consistently increased over time. Washington State don’t have a revenue problem—we have a spending problem.
Let’s tell Olympia, loud and clear, that we don’t need more taxes.

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