Sunday, June 13, 2010

America’s Speaking Out

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem by taking the time to check-out this new tool to connect with Federal Politicians and give them the resources to be representative of the populace.
Isn’t technology great!
Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly

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The United States is suffering from a debt crisis that threatens the prosperity of future generations. Our situation requires a commitment to fiscal accountability. For too long Washington has ignored the issue, while Americans have been speaking out. What do you have to say about the need for fiscal restraint in Washington?

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Choose a category that you care about. Within each category you'll find topics on specific issues. Here you can debate ideas that are posted, offer one of your own, or just look around. Can't find the topic you're looking for? Start a new debate under the Open Mic. We want to hear what your priorities are, so Speak Out.
American Prosperity; Providing Americans the Opportunities to Succeed

Fiscal Accountability; Restoring Discipline and Respecting Your Hard Earned Dollars

American Values; Protecting Those Things We Hold Dear

National Security; Providing a Safe and Secure Nation

Open Mic; Start Your own Debate, Speak Out

This site was developed as part of an official effort to increase the dialogue between Americans and their Congress. Here, Americans are provided a new platform to share their priorities and ideas for a national policy agenda. As House Republicans, we are committed to our principles of limited, more accountable government; economic freedom; lower taxes; fiscal responsibility; protecting life, American values, and the Constitution; and providing for strong national security. This is an open forum, however, where all Americans are welcome to respectfully offer their opinions, regardless of party affiliation and whether we endorse them or not. It is our hope the active engagement of the American people will produce a robust debate that will aid in the construction of a new American agenda. This website is paid for with official funds of the Office of the House Minority Leader – no political or campaign funds have been used for any portion of the America Speaking Out project

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