Tuesday, June 22, 2010

David Plouffe: 'Stand with President Obama as he takes on the big oil companies'

This could very well turn out to be the “Summer of Discontent” for many U.S. Citizen’s.  The economy is sluggish (if not asleep), the Constitution is under constant assault from the people who swear to uphold and defend her, the Federal Government refuses to spend a dime to protect our borders, but spends paper money on “I Want Free Things” that does nothing to fix any of the previously mentioned items.  Well as you know I could type till the cows come home at night with all of the tacky things that Politicians do to stay in office.  The following is a direct copy/paste from OFA (Organizing for America; or BarackObama.com), the fundraising arm of the Obama Agenda and they are using the oil disaster in the Gulf as a fundraising motivator.  Look it over and take it at face value for what it really is…and I will take the time this weekend to go online and find my ‘favorite’ Fiscal, Constitution loving Conservative, to contribute to.  Maybe I’ll even donate to the local Tea Party (http://www.bhamteaparty.org/) to help them re-educate the populace about the Constitution and why it must be protected from Elitists in government.
Have a great weekend.
Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly
By Erica Sagrans - Jun 22, 2010 6:25:53 PM ET
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David Plouffe just sent the following message to supporters, asking them to stand with the President and help OFA ramp up our clean-energy campaign:
The President laid out his vision for a clean-energy future last week. Once again, the pundits were quick to say that it can't be done.
Yes, the oil industry will try to stop us. They'll smear our efforts with every attack they can dream up. They'll run ads against the members of Congress standing with us -- and go even more negative as elections near. That's the way it's always been done.
But we don't settle for what people in Washington believe is possible. This movement has never let conventional wisdom dictate our strategy. With your help, we simply organize from the ground up.
We've set a big goal of getting to $1 million raised by the end of this week for our clean-energy campaign.
Can you donate $5 or more today?

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