Tuesday, June 1, 2010

James O'Keefe: Census Enumerator With A Conscience!

Well, after only a few months, James O’Keefe has uncovered another manner in which tax payers hard earned rewards of their labor (know as money) is turned over to be disbursed to lawful entities, performing legitimate work.  After watching James latest undercover video of the Census compensation protocols, you might want to contact your local Congressman or Senator.

Yours in Truth  ;-0  Shelly

Jared LawPosted by Jared Law on June 1, 2010 at 6:22pm in Activism/Events

James O'Keefe, the conservative activist who brought us the ACORN undercover videos, and who almost had another coup vs. Senator Mary Landrieu, but was busted for "Entering a Federal Building Under False Pretenses" (IIRC), a misdemeanor. Well, James didn't let that get him down. He simply made another documentary, this time, about the fraud committed by what we must assume is a large percentage of the Census workforce, costing taxpayers untold $Millions of dollars. Now I will admit that I'm certain that many Enumerators are honest, and I even know someone on my street who was working as an Enumerator, and I'm pretty confident SHE wasn't being dishonest, and I would expect ALL 9/12'ers on THIS network to be honest, so I'm not calling anybody on here out. After all, we support/adhere to the 9 Principles & live by the 12 Values as 9.12'ers!
Here's the video clip James posted yesterday:


  1. This is a battle larger than Congressional seats or Presidential elections. What is truly alarming is the number of citizens that are ok with being paid to do nothing.
    The real question -- "Is this truly who we raised our children to be?"
    A nation of citizens that expects to be paid for doing nothing will soon be enslaved.

  2. Whole heartedly agree with your comment.
    It amazes me that private citizens complain daily about the direction of the USA, the corruption in politics and the ever mounting debt being placed upon us all. Yet, when I suggest persons, places or events that they can get involved to make a difference, they seldom make the effort. It is getting better, but we still have a long row to hoe. Fortunately my back is strong and so is my will...so bring it on and let's get to hoeing the fields.


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