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FARM BUREAU PAC ISSUES PRIMARY ELECTION ENDORSEMENTS – FYI…if you are concerned about the state of agriculture in Washington State and the Nation.



July 6, 2010


Mollie Hammar, PR Director, (360) 528.2915
Dan Wood, Local Affairs Director, (360) 528-2909

LACEY, WA - The political action committee of the Washington Farm Bureau, the state's largest general farm organization, has announced candidate endorsements for the upcoming primary election.

Candidates are recommended for endorsement based on their voting records (if already in office) and understanding and support of Farm Bureau policy. To see the complete legislative vote record for 2010 and past years, visit

Whether an incumbent or challenger, each candidate undergoes a review process by their local Farm Bureau candidate evaluation committees before moving onto the state PAC for endorsement.

Additional candidates for federal offices are expected to be reviewed and endorsed prior to the general election. The list below contains endorsements made by the Farm Bureau PAC for the primary election.

U.S. House of Representatives

John Koster (R), 2nd Congressional Dist.
Jaime Herrera (R), 3rd Congressional Dist.
Rep. Doc Hastings (R), 4th Congressional Dist.
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R), 5th Congressional Dist.
No candidate for U.S. Senate received sufficient recommendations to allow for an endorsement.

Justice Jim Johnson, Washington State Supreme Court, Position #1
Justice Richard Sanders, Washington State Supreme Court, Position #6
Harvey Dunham, Division 3 Court of Appeals (NP)

Michael Baumgartner (R), 6th  Dist.
Sen. Bob Morton (R), 7th Dist.
Sen. Jerome Delvin (R), 8th Dist.
Sen. Janéa Holmquist (R), 13th Dist.
Sen. Derek Kilmer (D), 26th Dist.
Sen. Pam Roach (R), 31st Dist.
Sen. Tim Sheldon (D), 35th Dist.
Rep. Doug Ericksen (R), 42nd Dist.
Sen. Steve Hobbs (D), 44th Dist.


Rep. Jim McCune (R), 2nd Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Larry Crouse (R), 4th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Matt Shea (R), 4th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Jay Rodne (R), 5th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Glenn Anderson (R), 5th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Kevin Parker (R), 6th Dist., Pos. 1
John Ahern (R), 6th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Shelly Short (R), 7th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Joel Kretz (R), 7th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Brad Klippert (R), 8th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Larry Haler (R), 8th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Susan Fagan (R), 9th Dist., Pos.1
Rep. Joe Schmick (R), 9th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Norma Smith (R), 10th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Barbara Bailey (R), 10th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Cary Condotta (R), 12th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Judy Warnick (R), 13th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Charles Ross (R), 14th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Bruce Chandler (R), 15th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. David Taylor (R), 15th Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Ed Orcutt (R), 18th Dist., Pos 1
Rep. Richard DeBolt (R), 20th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Gary Alexander (R), 20th Dist., Pos. 2
Ed Borey (R), 21st Dist., Pos. 1
Elizabeth Scott (R), 21st Dist., Pos. 2
Peter DeBoer (R), 23rd Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Christine Rolfes (D), 23rd Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Bruce Dammeier (R), 25th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Jan Angel (R), 26th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Dan Kristiansen (R), 39th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Kirk Pearson (R), 39th Dist., Pos. 2
Dusty Gulleson (R), 40th Dist., Pos. 1
John Swapp (R), 40th Dist., Pos. 2
Jason Overstreet (R), 42nd Dist., Pos. 1
Vincent Buys (R), 42nd Dist., Pos. 2
Rep. Frank Chopp (D), 43rd Dist., Pos. 1
Shahram Hadian (R), 44th Dist., Pos. 1
Rep. Mike Hope (R), 44th Dist., Pos. 2
Diane Tebelius (R), 48th Dist., Pos. 1
Craig Riley (R), 49th Dist., Pos. 1


Peter Van Nortwick (R), Clark County Assessor
Commissioner Steve Stuart (D), Clark County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Commissioner Joe Bond (R), Ferry County Commissioner, Dist. 2
Clerk Kimberly Allen (R), Grant County Clerk
Commissioner Cindy Carter (R), Grant County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Rich Callahan (NP), Grant County P.U.D. Commissioner, Dist. 2
Commissioner Al Carter (D), Grays Harbor County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Terry Bow (D), Grays Harbor County Assessor*
Rick Hole (NP), Grays Harbor County Assessor*
Auditor Vern Spatz (D), Grays Harbor Auditor
Treasurer Ron Strabbing (D), Grays Harbor Treasurer
Treasurer Meredith Green (D), Kitsap County Treasurer
Abbey Burlingame (R), Kitsap County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Terra Dittmer (R), Mason County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Charleen Groomes (R), Okanogan County Clerk
Clerk Virginia Leach (D), Pacific County Clerk**
Assessor Bruce Walker (D), Pacific County Assessor**
Assessor Al Taylor (R), Stevens County Assessor
Don Dashiell (R), Stevens County Commissioner, Dist. 2
Pat Beehler (R), Thurston County Commissioner, Dist. 3
John Snaza (I), Thurston County Sheriff
Tom Nelson (R),Thurston County Treasurer
Glen Morgan (R), Thurston County Assessor
Prosecutor Dave McEachran (R), Whatcom County Prosecutor
Tony Larson (NP), Whatcom County Council, Dist. 1
Assessor Dave Cook (R), Yakima County Assessor
Mark Peterson (R), Yakima County Auditor
Clerk Kim Eaton (R), Yakima County Clerk
Coroner Jack Hawkins (R), Yakima County Coroner
Prosecuting Attorney James Hagarty (R), Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney
Sheriff Ken Irwin (R), Yakima County Sheriff
Treasurer Ilene Thomson (R), Yakima County Treasurer


*Dual endorsement

**Grays Harbor-Pacific County Farm Bureau

# # #

Washington Farm Bureau is a 38,000-member advocacy organization representing family farmers and ranchers across the state. For more information about the Washington Farm Bureau go to or call 1.800.331.3276.

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