Friday, July 23, 2010

“Runaway Slave”…Excellent!

This is by far one of the best examples of what free market capitalism and the freedom it brings will mean to everyone who take the time to understand and embrace it.


  1. I guessing that you didn't get this video by perusing the transcripts of recent NAACP get together.

    Quite remarkable that the word slave has become so identified with black or "African American". A real marketing coup for the progressives. The manifestation illusion over reality.

    The origins of the English word for "Slave" go back to 13th Century Asia. Starting in about 1241 a couple of Chinggis (we call him Ghengis, but Chinggis is more phonetically correct) Kahn's grand kids (Batu and Monke) executed the most successful campaign in military history as they conquered the lands surrounding the Caspian sea and much of what is now Russia.

    Over the next several decades they sold so many captured peoples of Slavic origin (mostly to europeans) that the word Slav was ultimately morphed into the word "Slave".

  2. No I most definitely did not get this from the NAACP. I did find it through a 9.12 membership website. There are some very active and intelligent conversations going on around the Country and I am sharing the best of what I find out there, with anyone who will take the time to look, listen and read.


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