Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liberals Fabricate ‘Evidence’ of Tea Party Racism

I found this relevant post on,, and is an interesting find with relation to the tactics being used by the Progressives to besmirch the Tea Party attendees of the numerous gatherings around the nation over the past year.  I may be speaking to the choir here, but at every event I have attended locally in Whatcom County and Bellingham, the people I have met are polite and everything I would find if as I travel to small towns across America.  The Tea Party supporters are Americana at it’s base and nothing can destroy that except if ’We the People’ allow the media to define us.  My advice from here on is; do not allow this accusation to change the headlines, which are: “The policies of the Progressives are anti-Constitutional, anti-Bill of Rights and will bankrupt the United States of America.  That is their intention, because they know that is the road to implement the ‘Change’ they believe in.”

Yours in Truth  ;-)  Shelly  

By: Brian Faughnan,

16 Jul 2010

Pajamas Media 

It seems that in recent weeks, there has been an increasingly shrill cry from the Left that the Tea Party movement is racist. A liberal group called Think Progress even produced a video, purportedly showing 4 different tea partiers who embraced racism.

First off, let’s note that this is pretty weak tea. The Left is resorting to charges of racism because it has clearly lost the battle of ideas against the activists of the Tea Party movement. If they could convince a majority of Americans that limited government is illegitimate, or that cutting spending is impossible, they would attempt to engage on ideas. But you don’t see many big government advocates trying to convince people that America will suffer if spending is cut. They don’t defend massive intervention in the marketplace to rescue car companies and banks, or to take over health care. Unable to defend their own ideas, the Left instead turns to illegitimizing the opposition by painting it as racist.

Second, even when they attempt to depict a supposedly racist Tea Party movement, they have to dig deep to find just four examples of racism. You would think that in a movement that they argue is based on racism, it would be easy to find many examples of tea party racism, wouldn’t it? With millions of American attending tea parties, shouldn’t it be simple to find hundreds of examples of racism – at least? Instead, they offer just four.

And as Bob Owens points out, even those four are far less than meets the eye:

Think Progress has committed blatant — and easily falsifiable — fraud. They’ve misrepresented the views of good and decent people.

Painting the father of a multi-racial family as a bigot by twisting his words? Despicable.

Presenting liberal agent provocateurs as real and reprehensible members of a group they intend to undermine by any means necessary? Using video they undoubtedly know proves their contentions false when viewed in its entirety?


Reality would not provide them with the propaganda they sought to exploit for their own political gain. So they invented it.

If this is the best that the Left can offer to rebut the activists of the Tea Party movement, they are truly bankrupt. And any media outlet that falls for such shoddy ‘reporting’ ought to be ashamed of itself.

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