Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Government = Big Brother

Do I need to say more than this article and video do?  As our founders envisioned, U.S. citizen’s will only stay free if we do not ask more of government than they can deliver and still retain privacy and freedom.  The more we demand of government in the way of security, the more they will infringe upon our privacy and freedom.  Big Brother watching our every move is creepy and we must concern ourselves to maintain our individual responsibility and identity before it’s gone.  If the public buys into the increased safety and money that this type of monitoring system does, blow a kiss and say good-bye to America.

YiT,  Shelly

New Street Lights To Have “Homeland Security” Applications

High-tech system to include speakers, video surveillance, emergency alerts

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

UPDATE: Presumably in response to this article being linked on the Drudge Report, the company behind ‘Intellistreets’, Illuminating Concepts, has now pulled the video from You Tube entirely, presumably nervous about the negative publicity that could be generated from concerns about street lights being used for “Homeland Security” purposes – their words, not ours. We have added an alternative version of the clip below, but it may be subject to removal at any time. The video is still available on the company’s website.

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New street lights that include “Homeland Security” applications including speaker systems, motion sensors and video surveillance are now being rolled out with the aid of government funding.

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