Monday, October 3, 2011

Days of Rage - grassroots or astro-turf?

Back in February of 2011, on the Glenn Beck Show, Mr. Beck revealed a video taped session from SEIU’s former leader, Steven Lerner.  In this video Mr. Lerner speaks about the beginning of an organized event to be called the “Days of Rage”.  The event was to begin on September 17th, 2011 (Constitution Day) on the streets of Manhattan, New York, known as “Wall Street”.  This action comes directly from the manifesto; “The Coming Insurrection”.

There has been a lot of local and national news blips with cutesy video of the protestors.  Their video pretty much focuses on the un-intelligible rants of an uninformed band of parrots.

The video I’ve posted below shows a great difference in the level of protestors who are gathering in Washington, D.C., but they are no better informed than the protestors in New York.  The difference is that they are not showing drugged-out children, from the flower children, of the 60’s generation.  They are college educated youth, on their way to be the “leaders” of tomorrow.  The college educated class that are graduating from our schools of higher learning are prime examples of the re-wiring that has been done to our youth.  Listen to their words and realize that this is a prime example of the how our public Universities, a majority of our private Universities, our public Schools and again a majority of our private Schools have turned away from teaching the true meaning of the Founders fight for our U.S. Constitution, free markets and the rights to our private property.

The schools are dependent on public funding from the federal and state governments.  This funding comes with many strings attached and some of those strings are tied to A21/Sustainable Development policy.  The stated goals for Sustainable Development is to change education of the youth towards a “global” understanding that the United States unjustly has accumulated too much wealth in proportion to the rest of the world.  They fail to mention that it is due to the U.S. Constitution, State Constitutions and Local Charters, that citizen’s of the United States have the rights to their property, and this is the key to our ability to create wealth.  As the government taxes and regulates these rights and protections away, our private wealth is seriously eroded, which is the major factor to our current economic malaise.Sus Devp (small)

Yours in Truth, Shelly 

Days of Rage in DC

Click here to read the full story that contained this video.

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