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“Days of Rage” or Union Rage for Relevance and a call for Marxism?

The news media has given the public dribs and drabs with regards to the “Days of Rage” protestors in New York and around the United States, who portray themselves as grassroots activists, that want to bring down “Wall Street”.  There is a teensy-weensy bit of information that the news media has intentionally (?) not included in their reporting of this story...”The Days of Rage” is an SEIU (Service Employees International Union) sponsored, contrived and implemented event.  The SEIU’s own “Stephen Lerner” is the major player who has been putting the teams together to go out and gin-up support for this event and even though Glenn Beck reported on this event about 3 months ago, the media ignored the event and still ignores the “union” connection.  Will you question why the media had chosen to give half the story and who benefits from this blatant omission of facts?

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What, exactly, is a “US Day of Rage?” Well, on September 17th we may find out for certain, but until then, The Blaze is revealing what information does exist about this very nefarious-sounding campaign.

A US Day of Rage is the title given to a day of ostensibly “non-violent” civil disobedience orchestrated by a group of radicals — that reportedly include SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and ACORN founder Wade Rathke (who, coincidentally, formerly served as president of SEIU’s local New Orleans branch) — targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism. It’s worth noting that the title of the movement — if its intentions are indeed non-violent in nature — appears to contradict itself slightly.

But what is perhaps even more interesting than its title is who is allegedly behind the movement.  Click here to read the full story.

SEIU plans days of rage against Wall Street

- Online By F. Vincent Vernuccio and Matthew Vadum Monday, July 18, 2011

Conducting interviews on this topic is the author of Subversion, Inc., Matthew Vadum.

From Capital Research Center publication Organization Trends, July 2011
By F. Vincent Vernuccio and Matthew Vadum

Summary: Led by the radical Service Employees International Union (SEIU), left-wing unions and activist groups have been planning to launch a national campaign of economic strong-arming and sabotage. Their plan envisions mortgage and student loan strikes and bank boycotts. Also contemplated are acts of harassment and intimidation directed against bank officials, corporate heads and public officials deemed to be enemies of the people.

On March 25 ACORN founder Wade Rathke, a one-time president of an SEIU local in New Orleans, announced what he described as “days of rage in ten cities around JP Morgan Chase.” Rathke said the forthcoming campaign of demonstrations, strikes and disruption will mark “the beginning of the anti-banking jihad.”

This kind of inflammatory language hasn’t been in the news since the days of Patty Hearst, the Weathermen, and the Black Panthers. But it has always characterized the rhetoric of left-wing activists. Now, as the labor movement lurches increasingly to port in frustration at the stalemated politics of Washington, D.C., you can expect to hear more fighting words from the activist Left.

Since at least the late 1960s, the American Left has embraced what could be characterized as economic strong arming. Striking fear into the hearts of bigcorporations is a tactic that has proven to be both politically useful-and lucrative. The shakedown artists of ACORN and Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Project can attest to that.  Click here to read the full story.

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