Friday, September 30, 2011

Algae is good for Water?

Found this ditty on the “Whatcom Excavator” ( a local blog dedicated to dredging up the waste in government spending and policy) and just had to share it with you.

More tax dollars spent to eradicate what nature provides as a natural consequence to clean the environment.Sus Devp (small)

Yours In Truth, Shelly

A Clean Green 2-for-1

Algae can treat your wastewater and then fill up your tankJust what are algae capable of? According to researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, just about anything short of mixing a cocktail. They can clean your wastewater, fuel up your car, and then help grow a fish for your dinner.

Associate professor of biological sciences Jeff Lodge says his team of researchers initially had more modest aspirations: they were interested in producing biodiesel from algae and were looking for a cheaper source of nutrients to grow the algae. Other researchers had previously grown algae in wastewater from dairy farms, and municipal wastewater seemed worth a try as well.

“And we found out our algae just love it,” Lodge says of the wastewater from two nearby municipal treatment plants. “Then it just kind of struck us, well, what are they doing to the wastewater?”

The team measured the nutrient levels in the water and found that after about three days of growth, the algae remove virtually all of the undesirable compounds such as ammonia, phosphate, and nitrate. In addition, they deplete carbon dioxide from the water, which raises the pH—and kills off pathogens.  Click here to read the full story.

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