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Think “Solyndra” is a freak example of “Pay to Play”? Think again!

Looking over emails and news hi-lights, I like to peruse the comments for links to related articles that didn’t make it to the headlines of the mainstream media.  The article posted below I found interesting, and wanted to share with you.  The original article was about the 2012 Continuing Resolution, of which the Republican House has stripped further funding for activities like SolyndraThe comment section contained a link to this article on “Abound Solar”, Colorado’s own Solyndra.

The Republican’s in Congress have cut further energy underwriting with your tax dollars, to offset the additional funds needed for 2012 and FEMA.  Wasn’t the selling point of the agreed upon 2011 CR, that any increased, future spending, was to be offset with an equal dollar in spending cuts?

Be sure to contact your Republican or Democrat, Congressman and/or Senator, to show your support for principled representation in politics, such as the 2012 Congressional version for Continuing Resolution.  The few jobs created for an average cost of $300,000.00 per job in the “green economy’”, isn’t due to it’s environmental superiority, it is due to the number of “Benjamin’s”, it’s bringing to private businesses and public Universities to nudge society ever closer to the brink of economic collapseThe public/private compacts that have contributed to the demise of real free markets, continue to be politically accepted and are a stark example of the public’s tolerance for fiscal malfeasance, in their hopes of getting some of that “free” money.

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By now it’s obvious that the Solyndra scandal never should have happened.  It’s not even a case of Monday morning quarterbacking. A number of people involved could see the disaster coming.

There is a larger principle here. Government should not use taxpayer money to socialize risk while privatizing profits. Examples such as Colorado-based Abound Solar, which received a $400 million loan guarantee, prove that crony capitalism simply rewards the well connected at taxpayer expense.

Abound Solar

Abound Solar, according to its Web site, “produces next-generation thin-film cadmium telluride solar modules” and “is committed to reducing the cost of solar electricity to levels competitive with fossil fuels.”

It is the brainchild of former Colorado State University (CSU)Professor W.S. Sampath and two former students Kurt Barth and Al Enzenroth.  It began as AVA Solar and then incorporated into Abound in 2007.

The Web site says it employs 350 people in three Colorado locations.  Its Colorado manufacturing plant is located in Weld County, which granted Abound up to $100,000 per year for the next ten years in business property tax rebates.  According to sources, the reason for the rebate was job creation intended to benefit Weld County residents. Yet when officials and interested parties ask how many of the 350 jobs have gone to Weld County residents, the solar company does not answer.

Currently Abound has a manufacturing capacity of 65 megawatts expanding to 850 megawatts – at some point. However, in 2010 it manufactured only 30 megawatts. One wonders, if Abound can produce more, why doesn’t it? Click to read full story.

And this paragraph (located further in the story) has a link to another interesting story on the "Colorado Miracle”, the transition of the state of Colorado from a red state to a blue state, politically:

Stryker is also a charter member of the notorious “gang of four” which changed the political landscape in Colorado through an organization called the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA).  Their success was titled the “Colorado Miracle” and is being replicated in other states. Click to read full story.

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