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The Constitution vs. Democracy School Teachings of “Mob Rule”

Local Ferndale, WA citizen, Bellingham Tea Party President, Karl Uppiano has published a well stated analysis of what’s being taught at the local Democracy School instruction vs. the U.S. Constitution’s protections of the minorities from mob rule.  The main ingredient missing from today’s political activities, is their upholding of the protections given to the individual from the “collectivist”, the “community”, the “globalists”, the “Gaia obsession” to place Mother Earth on a religious pedestal and teach that no human has the right to de-grade her in any way!  Is it naiveté that drives the Democracy School agenda?  Or, is it about the continual push towards full implementation of Agenda 21 through the auspices of  “Sustainable Development”?

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2011 National Constitution Week; by Karl Uppiano

On September 17, 1787, The Constitution of The United States was ratified. Saturday, September 17, 2011, on the 224th anniversary, kicks off National Constitution Week.

You might be interested to know that several of our local politicians attended a “Democracy School”, that teaches that The Constitution was a “usurpation” of the Articles of Confederation. To wit,

  1. The Mount Vernon Conference was convened to solve the problems encountered by the Potomac Company, and the Conference led to the Annapolis Convention, which sent a report to Congress urging for a broader meeting to be held in Philadelphia.
  2. Delegates to the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention were a select group representing property-owning white males, that the proceedings were secret and sentries were positioned at the doors, that Madison and Randolph presented the Virginia Plan on the first day, and that minutes of the Convention were not released for over 53 years.
  3. Most of the delegates viewed democracy as rule by the rabble, and called for the crafting of a Constitution that enabled a minority to govern, and which protected the property of the minority from majority governance.
  4. There were a group of people called the anti-federalists who understood what the delegates were attempting, and attempted to stop the ratification of the Constitution.
  5. The Constitution is an anti-majoritarian, slave document that established a minority-rule, slave state.

Please consider telling all of your elected representatives that we believe the un-revised history,

  1. The Articles of Confederation were weak, inhibiting the ability of the several states to cooperate, or even be recognized as a single nation by other countries, especially Great Britain. We were in danger of disintegration. The problems addressed by The Constitution were manifold, and they may have incidentally addressed or hindered various special interests.
  2. Property-owning white males is a modern construct used by statists to justify more centralized government, not a return to more diffuse states’ rights.
  3. The federalists believed that pure democracy suffers from “the tyranny of the majority”, in which minority rights would be overridden by the majority. They created a representative republic in an attempt to help protect minority rights.
  4. When The Constitution was being considered, there were federalists and anti-federalists. Political change always has opposition. As such, the tea parties oppose abandoning constitutional government, and certainly without due process.
  5. Most of the founders were federalists and abolitionists, believing in liberty and equal justice for all. The fact that The Constitution did not abolish slavery at the time was part of the great compromise that was necessary to get it ratified. When we finally did (thankfully) abolish slavery, it nearly destroyed The Union. At least we still had The Constitution.

The fact of the matter is that The Constitution was ratified, and for 224 years, it has helped to protect our right to live free, and keep what we earn. Regardless of how some would mischaracterize the founders and their motives, The Constitution is still the official specification for The United States government, and any regime that distorts or disregards the document that they took an oath to uphold and defend, is untrustworthy and dangerous.

To learn more, see the section The US Constitution on the Education page of this website.

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